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Primatene Mist

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Great for Bronchitis.


I used to smoke for many years and with this I have found myself constantly getting what my doctor calls chronic bronchitis. Every time that I get sick it turns into bronchitis and then it lasts for weeks on end and makes it so incredibly hard to breath. My lungs have such a hard time opening up and I end up coughing a lot and having to fight to get air into them. This medicine is in an inhaler and you use it like you would any other, you breath it in through your mouth and hold it into your lungs for as long as you can and let it do its magic. This works really well when you have bronchitis, it helps to open up all the tubes in your lungs and clear it out so that you are able to breath easier. After using this you are able to instantly take a deep breath and you are not having horrible coughing spells anymore. This is the most effective thing that I have found to help me be able to feel better and breath when I have bronchitis.



Stay away from this medication!


Primatene Mist and Primatene Tablets claim to relieve shortness of breath, wheezing and tightness in the chest within 15 seconds. While they may indeed accomplish that, this medication is not an effective asthma treatment and may actually do more harm than good. While some people have used these products without problem, they can be dangerous and both have the potential for serious side effects. The active ingredient in Primatene is epinephrine, commonly known as adrenaline. Adrenaline *does* open airways, but it also effects the heart and blood vessels leading to increased blood pressure, heart palpitations and any number of further complications stemming from these. Doctors prefer to treat asthma with medications known as bronchodilators to provide fast relief with fewer side effects, while at the same time being long lasting. Anyone suffering with a difficulty in breathing should not be self-diagnosing or medicating. Asthma is a disease that needs specialized care and you could be covering up the symptoms of an even more serious medical condition. There has been on-going discussion within the FDA for the past several years about the possibility of pulling this medication from the shelves not only because of the adrenaline but because of the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). I would argue that, based solely on their potential for harm, Primatene Mist and Tablets should be pulled from the market - regardless of their contribution to the CFCs in the environment.  **The Bottom Line**If you are having trouble breathing, see your doctor.Primatene Mist and Tablets should not even be on the market....stay away from this medication.

Northville, MI


Primatine stops attacks that used to land me in the ICU


My asthma is treatment resistant and an attack is likely to land me in the ICU.  After being on doses of prednisone as high as 80mg, several different inhaled steroids at various doses, bronchodialator/steroid combos (These almost killed me, between the severe hypokalemia and worstened asthma) Primatine is the ONLY thing that will control a flare for me.  Albuterol used to work, but the new formulation without CFCs doesn't work for some reason.  Primatine WORKS for me and has saved my life (or at least, stopped attacks that would have landed me in the ICU) I definitely recommend you consult your doctor and only take as recommended.  Two puffs is the most I've ever had to take to stop an attack.  Compare this to taking 12 puffs of albuterol (modern formulation) while waiting for an ambulance and then getting nebulized and stuck full of IV and oral steroids and discharged while still hacking and wheezing if I'm lucky enough not to be in the ICU.

Dorton, KY


Primatene Mist

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