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Primal Dog Food

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The best dog food to buy


This is the very best dog food on the market. It is a raw diet that is very healthy for your dog or cat. It has the highest nutritional value and is worth the price for your dogs health. It doesn't contain any harmful additives.

Hudson ky


The best premium dog food on the market


I would highly recommend this dog food.  After all the pet food recalls happened this past March 2007, I went on a quest for the best, safest dog food I could find.  I ended up switching my dogs to a raw diet.  I now feed them the Primal frozen dog food products.  Primal has all organic ingredients, and has given my dogs a very healthy coat.  My pugs that had allergies are doing well on this food and the ones that have had yeast problems, well they are completely cleared up and have not come back since being on this food.  I would highly recommend this food to anyone who wants to feed their dog the healthiest they can.

Liverpool, NY




I rescued to darling Shih Tzu brothers, one of which had horrible allergies. Steriod shots and Atopica (a steriod pill) was the only thing that eased his suffering. After researching at length the BARF diet, I happened upon Primal, and it has been unbelievable to see the change! Most of his symptoms are gone, both of their coats, eyes, everything, looks better. I am so happy with this product! If you can, you should use Primal.

Chattanooga, TN


WARNING - Primal Pet Food


I've fed primal pet food to my pets for 3 years.   Today I was shocked to find a sharp piece of metal in the food that i almost fed my pets.  I've notified primal, the store, the fda, and local media.. Who ever I can get the word out to so no animal gets hurt. Rose Widener, nashville TN    

Nashville, TN


Primal Dog Bones Are the Best Treat


Although this review is not necessarily for the food it is for the dog bones that Primal also makes.  These bones can be found in the freezer section and are wonderful for dogs that are tough chewers.  I have two dogs, one is a doberman pinscher and the other on is a miniature schnauzer.  These freezer bones are their favorite.  It takes them each about thirty minutes to eat one of them.  I love them so much because they cannot break them apart of shred them and choke on the shards.  My dog recently had to get open stomach surgery from a blockage he got from swallowing a toy.  So we do not give our dogs anything that can be chewed apart and caught in their intestines.  Another thing I love about the Primal Freezer bones is the fact that it is so great for their teeth.  We do not brush our dogs teeth but instead give them one of these a week and the dentist told us that our 4 year old doberman has the healthiest teeth shes ever seen on a dog that age.

Fairfax, VA


Primal Dog Food

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