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Price Pfister
Price Pfister Marielle Kitchen Sink Faucet T34-4TZZ

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A faucet that Price Pfister will stand by


First I will say, this is an EXPENSIVE faucet. But it was beautiful and we wanted it for our newly remodeled kitchen. It was as gorgeous out of package as what it was on the display box. It held a beautiful color and was quite easy to clean. However, 5 years after installing it- the spray handled cracked and started leaking. Yeah, this is negative- but let me tell you.... Price Pfister stands by their lifetime warranty with no questions asked. I called and informed them of my problem and they had a replacement sprayer sent to me within 3 days of that call. They didn't have the exact sprayer because mine had been discontinued, but they said they had one that was quite similiar and also offered that if I wasn't happy with it, they would mail me an entire new faucet system. Well I LOVED the new sprayer. It was actually better than the one I had originally and no way did I want another set up. This one is working perfect, looks beautiful and I know if I have any problems Price Pfister will stand by their lifetime warranty!

Tulsa, OK


It's smart looking, very stylish and works great.


I love this faucet, no splashing all over when you turn it on, ours came with a water sprayer and a soap dispenser.  Ours is bronze and copper, my friends say the same thing I did when I saw it in the store.  "WOW"  It almost cleans it self.  When I finish cooking or cleaning up (after someone else) this faucet look brand new with just a wipe from the cloth or paper towel. My old one was suppose to be, "Shiny Bright", but it alway had a few spots that seem to stick like they were a part of the finish. Very annoying, the first thing you would notice in my kitchen was the messy faucet. This faucet is well worth the time and expense of new. I have had mine for several years and I have no complaints.

Chambersburg, PA


Looks Nice But Not Very Sturdy.


The Marielle looks nice, but after 3 years the faucet handle droops down and turns itself off, there is a clog somewhere and the water flow is very low. The soap dispenser top broke off the cheap plastic straw and I will have to order parts to replace it. The sprayer is O.K. though!

Simi Valley, CA


The faucet is great looking, but not the best quality!


I received this faucet as a house warming gift for my Condo.  Installation was typical of most faucets, and I had my Dad to do it, so that made it easy!!!  It looks great, and has two different caps for the handle, which changes the look you are going for.  I especially like how there are three pieces and each are seperate so I didn't need to use the cover plate, which gives it a more sleak look. It was a great price, but my problem came about 2 years into the use of the faucet.  I noticed water under my sink and thought I had a plumbing leak.  After careful observation of all of the connections, I determined the leak was coming from the connection of the side sprayer to the hose and everytime I placed it back in the holder it would drip under the sink.  With this faucet, the sprayer to hose connection is a factory connection and can't be repaired.  The price for just the sprayer and hose replacement is at least half of what I paid for the entire faucet.  In the mean time, the sprayer can no longer store on top of the sink, so it hangs inside the sink basin.  All in all, I don't want to have to repair or replace a faucet every two years, no matter how much money I spent!

Atascadero, CA


The price pfister Marielle kitchen sink faucet looks amazing!


The price pfister marielle kitchen faucet looks amazing in our remodeled kitchen and works great also! The installation was simple and quick and came with understandable directions. We love the look of the faucet and the sprayer that comes with it is a bonus!

Silverdale, WA


Stylish but sturdy


The Price Pfister Marielle faucet (Wakely is similar in style) can be purchased at Lowe's.  It is a fabulous faucet.  I like that it is fairly compact; the gooseneck allows a pitcher or pot to be easily held underneath the faucet for filling.  The sink sprayer is heavy enough to hold comfortably and swivels easily to spray where you need it.  It was very easy to install; just be sure you read the instructions first and h ave all the tools ready and supplies ready before starting.  Follow the instructions exactly; my husband had not every installed a water fixture without using plumbers tape and he put some on even though it did not say to; that made the attachment too tight and he had to take time to take it off.  The new fixtures have much tighter connections now and may not require it.  Just read and follow the instructions exactly.  I got my fixture in stainless; the chrome looked too fake and shiny.  I love the soft glow it has.  You will not be disappointed.

Caddo Mills, TX


They meant what they said


We bought this faucet a year ago and at that time thought I had gotten a great value for the money, Loved the coloring and high spout.. . Several months ago, the water pressure deteriorated to a trickle and the sprayer sprung a leak, thus leaving us with leaving the sprayer in the sink or get soaked.   I called the 800 number and gave them the model number to get a new sprayer nozzle and explained the problem with the water pressure.  Promptly (almost as if scripted.) , the customer service representative was able to diagnose nd solve my problem.  2 days later in the mail, I received a brand new spray nozzle and a diverter at no charge..  The customer service representative did say that since this was the first 'repair' i would not be charged a fee for shipping and delivery (it was waived.),..  My husband installed the new diverter and sprayer nozzel today (instructions included!!, and a link to a website if this wasn't clear enough).  I have never been particular to any one brand of faucet, but will consider price pfister first, the next time we have to replace a sink faucet in our home.  I think next time we have a leak in one of our faucets rather than run to home depot or lowes with the part in hand.  I'll just call the manufacturers directly first and find out what it is i need and if they can send it to me first..      

San Dimas, CA


Price Pfister Marielle Kitchen Sink Faucet T34-4TZZ

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