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Prevention Drop it in 10

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Love Chris Freytag!


I own several of Chris Freytag fitness dvds and this is one of them. Prevention Fitness System: Drop It In 30 is an amazing workout. This 50 minute workout is pure cardio which consist of cardio and cardio interval moves. During both workouts Chris Freytag keeps my heart rate up. I really like Chris Freytag training style, she is encouraging and motivational without being loud and up in your face type trainer. There are days when I prefer a more calm laid back workout that deliver results and this is it. Chris Freytag cueing is always perfect during each and everyone of her workouts. She always do every workout moves with you. Chris Freytag never walks around on her fitness dvds while you do the work. She puts 100% effort into each workout and she sweats right along with you. There are a lot of lunges and squats in this workout. So if you have problem with your knees maybe you can modified that part of the workout to fit your own personal needs. This is a great workout and I personally enjoy working out to it.



Prevention Drop it in 10 is Affective


Prevention Fitness Systems Drop it in 30! Is lead by fitness expert Chris Freytag. Chris Freytag is a contributing editor for Prevention Magazine. The workouts on the DVD were designed by both Freytag and other fitness experts from Prevention Magazine. There is one person on this DVD that does a modified version of the workout for beginers.The DVD consists of two different workouts. Both of them are cardiovascular type workouts. What I found ironic about the DVD is that it is supposed to contain two 30 minute workouts, yet the total running time of the DVD is only 50 minutes. That is kind of strange, don't you think. When you actually play the DVD you find that it is actually 2, 20 minutes workouts, the 3 minute warm up and 6 minute cool down are meant to be used for both workouts. So the actual work out time per workout is 29 minutes. If you actually have more time than I do to work out you can do both workouts, along with the warm up and cool down, this will provide you with a 50 minute workout. The aerobic section consists not only of some dancing type moves but there were also some intervals, and some athletic drills.  The drills are fun and it helps to change up the workout a bit.. The short 29 minute workouts help you get a quick workout in.  But I prefer to do the whole thing at once for a good 50 minute workout. The workout starts out with about a 2 minute introduction where Freytag explains the work out and how to modify it and how to do it. There are also some bonus features. There is a section where you can individual moves broken down for you if you need to have that. It also has a section that explains how to maximize your work out, and a quick section that has 4 moves to help you firm up fast. One of the segments is all aerobic, the other segment or work out is what they term as aero/tone, which means there is some toning involved with the moves. You do things like lunges, and squats and plyometrics. The aerobic section is not to difficult to follow, if you can handle a grapevine you can handle this section, that is you can learn the moves. Weather or not you can handle the work out is up to your own fitness level. I found the workout to be fairly easy, but I also found it to be effective.  If you do the entire DVD the length is perfect for maximum fat burning, and the toning really helps to burn calories and to keep the body strong.  I love a workout DVD that combines toning and aerobics and does it all in less than an hour.  So if you are looking for a relatively easy fitness DVD that will help you get toned and lose weight try out Prevention Fitness in 30.

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Prevention Drop it in 10

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