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Anti-Aging Night Creams
Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream

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**If you only read one skin-care review, take time to read this one!** EPF - "Environmental Protection Factor" - is a new measure of an antioxidant's ability to protect skin against oxidation damage on the skin.  Six anti-oxidants have been tested, including vitamin E, kinetin, vitamin C, CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid and Idebenone.   Idebenone was found to be the most effective antioxidant tested with an EPF rating of 95 out of 100.   (Other results ranged from 41-80) Prevage anti-aging night cream uses encapsulated and time-released Idebenone to fight the free radicals which cause skin to appear older, looser and less lustrous.  I began to see a difference in my face after only a week of using this product. Prevage is not inexpensive, but your face is, after all, the only one you've got, and worth every penny, and then some.  (Prevage is also a lot cheaper than a face lift!)   I can't say enough about this night cream.  Apply it generously and enjoy the glowing new you.  Be sure to buy the daytime Prevage as well, to put under your makeup, and prevage for eyes, to hydrate the thin skin area under your eyes that tends to "sink in" after a certain age.) The Bottom Line:  ***Libby Loves It!*** 

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Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream

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