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Prevacid24HR Acid Reducer Delayed-Release Capsules 42 ea (Novartis)

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Prevacid is the only thing that keeps my heartburn at bay


I began using Prevacid when it was still available only by prescription. It worked wonders. I could take one pill and have no heartburn for three to four days. It's still that great, only now it's available over the counter. There are several over the counter products right now that fight acid reflux and heartburn, but in my opinion, none can hold a candle to this one. Zegerid, Prilosec, and even the others like Zantac are useless in comparison. The most recent medication my doctor prescribed for this, aciphex, doesn't even come close to Prevacid's efficacy. When I first started taking it, it would cause my to have diarrhea, but only once a day, and that would be it. Just seemed to loosen my stools a little. Other than that, I never experienced a single side effect. In some ways, it's unfortunate that it's over the counter because I can't get insurance to pay for it now, but it's well worth the money to have it, and there are coupons available quite often in the Sunday papers, which really helps with the price. As far as I'm concerned, this is the ONLY product that actually works for me.

Denver, CO


Treats frequent heartburn, priced right and is over the counter


I suffer with chronic frequent heartburn,and during the holidays it just gets worst.I had been taking nexium for my problem,but my insurance decided to increase my co pay on this prescription medicine and I refused to pay.Thats when I started looking for something I could take over the counter.My doctor said that prevacid 24 hour extended release tablets might help,and that I could buy it from the pharmacy over the counter.So I thought to myself what did I have to lose,I'll try it.To my surprise prevacid 24 hour extended release was fairly priced,and easy to find in the pharmacy.I was nt sure which size I should buy,so I asked the pharmacist.He said to buy the size that would last at least a month,since it usually takes about 1 to 4 days for prevacid 24 hour extended release to take full effect.He was right.At first when I began to take prevacid 24 hour extended release tablets,I had some relief from my heartburn,but after about a week I could count the times on one hand that I suffered with heartburn.prevacid 24 hour is a great over the counter product.I love it.Prevacid 24 hour extended release works all day to help prevent frequent heatburn.I t has the same prescription medicine as the one doctors prescribe.The pharmacist said that not only will it help with frequent heartburn,but if you have lesions in your esophagus from gerd,or frequent chronic heartburn,that prevacid 24 hour extended release would also heal them.

Louisville, KY


Prevacid24HR Acid Reducer Delayed-Release Capsules 42 ea (Novartis)

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