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Prestone RV Waterline Antifreeze

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Presto! Prestone saves our recreational vehicle from freezing


**To the Point** Every year we have to winterize our [Recreational Vehicle][1] . We had the dealer do this the first time but now we can do it and us Prestone RV Waterline Antifreeze. It works! **A Closer View** We bought 8-one gallon bottles in Wal-Mart. We only need 4 but we are hoping to take the trailer out in December so we stocked up. The cost is about $5.00 a bottle.  We couldn't find Prestone in Target and didn't try the hardware store. This pink liquid is toxic but it winterizes your boat, swimming pool and vacation homes. It's made for all metal pipes that you'd find in water supply systems. It's guaranteed to work in temperatures to 50 degrees below zero. It is ready to use - no need to add water. Prestone Antifreeze is recommended for boats, swimming pool and heating systems. **My Experience** I won't go into how to use Prestone RV Waterline Antifreeze since the directions are on the bottle and you can find it here as well http://www.prestone.com/products/antifreezeCoolant.php. In two trailers we have had no rust or corroding of metal which is what Prestone claims their antifreeze will protect and no staining. In addition it doesn't hurt any kind of plastic except acetate. After we winterize our trailers we then put them in outside storage for the winter. One year we took it out in December (as we hope to again) but for the most part our trailers have sat outside in the elements. We don't visit our trailer since our most recent storage area has been 45 minutes away. When we do get it we have always found it just as we left it. Prestone RV Waterline Antifreeze is noted as non-toxic on one website; however, when reading more about the product, this is not one I would ingest or get on my skin. **Jo's Viewpoint** **I like it!** [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Sunline-Solaris-T-2499-Travel-Trailer-2006-review-2b76

Plymouth, MA


Prestone RV Waterline Antifreeze

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