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Presto Quick Burger Electric Hamburger Cooker

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Do NOT buy the Presto Quick Burger


I recieved the Presto Quick Burger electric hamburger cooker as a Christmas gift last year and I HATE it!!! What a peice of junk. You can only fit a small hamburger patty on it and you kind of have to play around with how much meat you can actually put into it. Once you have determined the correct size, you put your burger in. Once it starts cooking you sort of have to 'guess' when it is done, as there is no timer or indicator light. Be careful if you used hamburger that is too greasy, as the grease might start oozing out the sides. Clean up is horrible. You can only put 2 of the 3 cooking parts in the dishwasher or to be hand washed. The other part is electric so you basically just wipe it down. Anybody who has ever tried to wipe grease off of an indented surfaces knows that it never gets really clean. Also, when I first got this product, apparently I put too much hamburger in it, or didn't put it in the correct way, because as soon as I tried to close it, the hinge snapped. Because it was a gift I couldn't get my money back so they exchanged it. I used the new one a total of once and now it sits in my cabinet, taking up space...

Erie, PA


Presto Quick Burger Electric Hamburger Cooker

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