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Presto FryDaddy Elite Deep Fryer

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Great Quality & price!


The FryDaddy is a great value & the quality is wonderful as well. I love how easy it is to use too! We like to deep fry all sort of different things from doughnuts, fries, cookies, pickles & more. You do have to remember that it is on the smaller side & you are not going to be able to deep fry a large amount at one time. This is perfect if you are single or only need to deep fry small amounts. I also like the stainless steel & black modern design, it goes well with all my other appliances. I highly recommend this FryDaddy! Performance The FryDaddy performs wonderfully! Ease of Use Simple simple simple! Durability Small & strong! Ease of Cleaning Cleaning any deep fryer is a chore but this was fairly easy to clean!

Monticello, MN


Presto's Fry Daddy is just right


works great, fast, not big and bulky to store. So much easier on all aspects of using and cleaning and storing than those other big & bulky deep fryers Performance performs wonderfully Ease of Use so simple and easy to use Durability lasts a very, very long time Ease of Cleaning very easy to clean. you just cant immerge it in water. just use a paper towel to wipe it out after dumping and discarding the oil

Mesa, AZ


Worst POS ever


If you like fryers that are hard to clean with a scoop that retains about an ounce or so of oil after you use it and then leaves a pool of oil when you set it down and is hard to empty without running oil down the sides and is nearly impossible to clean without risk of getting it wet, this is the fryer for you. It is the worst P.O.S. appliance I have EVER purchased. The lid wont even stay on it in storage. Performance POS Ease of Use POS Durability POS Ease of Cleaning POS



Presto FryDaddy Elite works great.


When I was growing up we never had a deep fryer and I didn't think we needed it either when someone gave it to us for a wedding present but my husband talked me into keeping it.  We only use it for a few things and so I really like that it is small and I am able to keep it on one of my pantry shelves out of the way until I do need it.   It heats of help very quickly.  I am glad that I do not have to wait very long.  It does a great job of cooking the food quickly and evenly. This does not take a lot of oil and even though it is small you can put more in it then you would think.  It is really easy to clean and maintain.  I have had some problem keeping the outside of mine clean if something drips onto the sides but as far as the inside it is so easy to maintain.  When it is time to clean everything will just wipe right out and it is so nice. I have been really impressed with the Presto FryDaddy Elite Deep Fryer and I would recomment it to anyone who just needs a small deep fryer.    

Ogden, UT


perfect, the small size is easy to store, frys beautifully


Great little fryer for small family or single.It is just me and my husband at home now and this little frydaddy is the perfect size. It heats up quickly and has little mess, if you fill to the fill line there is no splattering which means no burns to skin. Requires not a great amount of oil and has a conveinient rubber lid to seal over the top of the tub to save oil for future frying. Has great little hard black plastic scoop to retreive foods, i have used this while cooking noodles and the like as well. It's appearance is sleek with a silver bodied bucket and black trim. I leave mine sitting out on the countertop often. This little appliance is great for french fries or onion rings, also makes great chicken tenders or breaded shimp. I have had mine for approximately one year. Continues to work great though I dont use it often because of our desire to eat healthier, but every so often it definately comes in handy. I most appreciate its small size due to limited storage.

Vincennes, IN


Small yet fuctional


I am always in a struggle to get dinner done and don't always like things baked. I also have a very small kitchen with no room to put anything. This version of the fry daddy is very small and easy to store yet it cooks very quickly. It has a magnetic plug for quick disconnect in case of food flare ups as well. I would definately recommend this product for people who have small kitchens and or busy lives! This is an affordable product as well. perfect also for single people... well frankly this product is perfect for just about anyone! With it's small stainless steel design I believe it is a must have for any kitchen! comes with a slotted dipper. and i have had no slashing problems from this item! since perfect sums it up, it is very hard to write an appropriate length review for this item. I guess that i can say check out all of presto's products I just don't think that you can go wrong with them.

Hoopeston, IL


The Presto Frydaddy makes cooking quick, easy and delicious!


The Presto Frydaddy is compact and just the right size for feeding a family of four.  Its smaller design and contemporary look help to add to a family kitchen.  It is also small enough to be stored out of sight.  The benefit to owning the Presto Frydaddy is that it is more economical to use than a larger Frydaddy.  The consumer uses less oil to fry the food and less counter space to clean up afterwards for those grease splashes.  The Presto Frydaddy doesn't leave greasy cabinets above the Frydaddy.  It cooks what is in the unit, and doesn't make a mess above it.  This smaller, more compact Frydaddy, even comes with some recipes for making your own fried food.  Kids love the taste, dads love the speed of the cooking, and moms will love the ease of cleanup after using the Frydaddy.

Omaha, NE


Presto FryDaddy Elite Deep Fryer

3.7 7