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Presto 06850 Non Stick Electric Skillet

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A good skillet for frying and similar tasks


This Presto 06850 16-inch Electric Skillet is a decent skillet for the money. I use it frequently for many cooking tasks and it has performed well. The skillet itself is non stick which makes it fairly easy to clean. I also like the fact that it is a large skillet - 16 inches - as compared to the standard 12 inch skillet. That makes large recipe preparation much simpler and less messy as there is enough room to handle all of the ingredients as well as all of the stirring and mixing necessary. One of the downsides to this product is the short cord which requires you to have a cooking surface near an outlet. I can see where this would be inconvenient or undoable in some kitchens. The other downside is the non stick surface itself. No matter how careful we have been it wears off and the skillet begins to become difficult to clean. We have had three of these skillets and have taken good care of them but the same thing happens every time. It is not an inexpensive skillet so it does become frustrating. However, we have been taking really good care of the one we are currently using and it seems to be lasting quite well. Overall, though, this is a good product, well worth having in your kitchen.

Newaygo, MI


Great Features on Presto Electric Skillet


     This electric skillet has great features.  I've had an older style electric skillet that should have been "retired" to the rubbish bib twelve months ago!  I was pleasantly surprised to see how much electric skillets have evolved since I got my last one four years ago.  I use my skillet several times each week.  This skillet has more heat settings plus a new banquet setting that allows me to keep food at serving temperature without cooking it further.  I really like not having to worry about overcooking.  How neat is that?  The large size makes it handy for preparing foods when I have company in for meals or for entertaining at festive get togethers. No more trying to cokking in several smaller rangetop skillets at once!   It also has an attractive design that encourages me to just serve foods right out of the skillet even when dinner guests are present.  I really should have invested in the Presto Non-stick Electric Skillet sooner.

Saint Marys, OH


long lasting and fries food evenly


We received a Presto Nonstick Electric Skillet for a wedding gift over 7 years ago and its still working great!  We love our electric skillet and prefer it for any chicken frying that we do.  The Presto Electric Skillet provides an even temperature throughout the skillet so that your food cooks evenly.  This seems like an extravegent kitchen appliance and not budget conscious but honestly, if it cooks your food better and more consistantly, it's worth it.  These skillets are moderately priced.  Our's has held up well.  I just wish the top wasn't white.  It is very hard to keep clean the top is stained.  I also wish that The Preston Electric Skillet had a digital temperatute gauge.  I think this would provide users with a better idea of the actual temperature of the oil.   The Presto Electric Skillet is very easy to clean.  The cord is removable which means I can carefully clean it in the sink.  I often put the top in the dishwasher.  Overall, its a great product and we love our's.

Athens, GA


Presto 06850 Non Stick Electric Skillet

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