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Prestige Deluxe Hot Air Popcorn Popper

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You get what you pay for!


This is a decent priced popcorn popper that works to air pop your kernels. I love the way the popcorn comes out, but this popper makes quite a mess. If you can afford a better popper, I'd most certainly suggest it.. however, this one will work in a pinch. I don't suggest this product for children. The lid gets very hot and kernels go every where. Performance This product performs well in terms of doing what it's supposed to, it pops the kernels and lands them in whatever container is set under the dispenser. However, kernels go flying all over the kitchen area and floor when using this machine. Settings/Features I love the measuring device in the top of the popper, it allows you to quickly and easily measure the perfect amount of kernels each time you pop! Ease of Cleaning This popcorn popper doesn't require much cleaning at all. The kernels come out clean. I do give it a wipe down here and there, though. Ease of Use This product is somewhat difficult to use. Because the dispenser is so short, I've had to add aluminum foil to lengthen it preventing the kernels from making such a mess. Durability I haven't had any problems with the durability of this product, it sits on the counter and hasn't moved for about a year. It is still well working and reliable in this aspect. I have not dropped it.



Prestige Deluxe Hot Air Popcorn Popper

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