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Prestige Cosmetics
Prestige Cosmetics My Biggest Lashes Mascara

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Excellent mascara


This mascara is by far my favorite. I am really happy I decided to buy it; I found it once on sale and decided to give it a try. I cannot be happier! First, the volume that this product gives to my lashes is unthinkable. I always get compliments on my sexy, big, and long lashes. I feel that the way the brush is designed helps with lengthening the lashes as well as curling my lashes, without even needing a lash curler! Another reason why I like this mascara so much is that it is water proof. I was caught in the rain multiple times while wearing it and it never smudged! I also wear it when I go to the gym, and I am pleased to see that the mascara is intact after all the sweating from my work-out. Even though this mascara is water proof, what I love the most about it is that I can get it off relatively easily using a make-up remover, unlike other brands of mascara that are very difficult to remove. I recommend it for women with sensitive eyes, too, because it does not get into your eyes during the day, and you can get rid of it before bed easily. Overall, this is great mascara and I greatly recommend it.



This mascara doesn't work for me at all.


I read a ton of great reviews on different sites of this mascara, and I was so hoping that this would be my holy grail mascara.  Everything I read said that it was great for both length and thickness and that it held a curl. It really does nothing at all for my lashes.  My lashes are pretty long on their own, but I wouldn't say no to more length.  Thickness and curl staying power is what I'm really after, however, and this mascara provided neither.  Within seconds of my putting it on, my lashes straightened out and looked like little sticks.  No curl whatsoever.  No length, no volume, no curl... no nothing.  I wish that this marcara worked well for me.  I wish that it lived up to everything that I had read about it.  I hope that other people who decide to try this mascara have a better experience with it than I did.  It's always hard for me to trash a mascara in a review because I know that people have different experiences with different mascaras - but this one was just truly not good for me.

Westwego, LA


Big lashes for short period of time


I am somebody that is very picky about the type of make up that I choose to wear because I have very sensative skin and tend to develop allergic reactions to things that are to harsh on my skin or have too many chemicals. With this mascara I did not have any eye irritation like i have recieved from some mascaras in the past and my lashes looked great. I thought that the brush did a great job in seperating out my lashes and giving them both the boost and volume that they needed. My only con about the product was that it did not last me for very long, now this could be because it was on the store shelf too long, who knows. From my experience the product stayed fresh for only a couple of weeks and then the product began clumping and did not work very well. I tried to clean the brush and then use the mascara again but it didnt seem to work, it's like it just dries up in the bottle fast and gets all clumpy and flaky and no one wants that on their eye lashes.

Woodridge, IL


Prestige Cosmetics My Biggest Lashes Mascara

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