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Premier ECK240 Electric Range

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Wasn't my choice and I wouldn't choose it


The house we're renting came with this oven. It is smaller than a regular oven, and while it fits well in the kitchen, it is not the ideal cooking appliance. Temperature Control Sometimes it cooks evenly and other times it cooks things quicker than I expect. And there are times when the food toward the back browns faster than the food toward the front. Heat Distribution Uneven, at best. Durability We've done a lot of cooking with it over the last year-plus, and I'm not sure how long it was here before that. Holds up well to frequent use. Handles multiple cooking projects well. Design Too small for anyone who likes to bake or roast. Some of my pans don't fit in the oven, and there is only one large burner on top. A good starter stove for an apartment or someone cooking for one or two, but not the best choice for a family that cooks a lot. I do appreciate the bottom drawer for extra pan storage. Ease of Cleaning Stovetop cleans up well. Inside of oven is a little trickier.



Premier ECK240 Electric Range

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