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Prego Chunky Garden Mushroom & Green Pepper Italian Sauce

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An Italian sauce with great flavor.


I enjoy Prego very much. It has a great flavor without being to sweet. I use Prego in most of my pasta dishes. It is easy and convenient. It is great with or without meat. I have tried many varieties of Prego and would recommend any of the Prego flavors.


Allegan, MI


Great tasting sauce without meat


As a consumer tying to cut down on how much meat my family eats, I wanted to try Prego Chunky Mushroom and Pepper Italian Sauce.  I want everybody to know that this product has a very fresh vegetable taste and perfectly blended italian seasoning.  Prego sauces all are  thick but this one was even more so and had plenty of chunky vegetable pieces in it. My family has asked me to purchase this flavor again and have asked to try other Prego varieties. I recommend the whole line of Prego products and especially am pleased with the Chunky Mushroom and Pepper Italian sauce flavor.


Vermilion, OH


Great Flavor for Pasta


I really love to cook in my spare time and it gives me the chance to try out new recipes and flavors in the kitchen.  One of my favorite foods is pasta, so I was excited to try the **Prego Chunky Garden Mushroom & Green Pepper Italian Sauce**.  This pasta sauce has a great texture and amazing flavor.  The pasta is thick and chunky with actual pieces of mushrooms and fresh green pepper.  The sauce keeps its consistency when heated and tastes great on any type of pasta.  I love using it as a marinara for angel hair pasta and it also works great to layer in lasagna.  The sauce has enough veggie flavor that you don't even need extra toppings or spices.  It also serves great as a dip for garlic bread or mozzerella cheese sticks.  Each serving is less than 100 calories and very low in fat.  I like using this to bring a great taste of Italian to the table, and it is my favorite new pasta sauce.  It adds great flavor to any meal, and tastes homemade.


Las Vegas, NV


Good enough to make even an Italian say "Mangi!" (Eat!)


A crucial part of any good pasta dinner is the sauce and some of the best marinara sauces I have found are those in Prego's Chunky Garden family of products.  These delicious ragouts come in a variety of flavors and I think I have tried each one by now.  (Prego also makes other Italian sauces as well but I prefer the Chunky Garden ones because of their thicker texture and ... well ... the *chunky* ingredients.   I have made my share of pasta sauces from scratch over the years but never have been able to come up with anything as good as *Prego Chunky Garden Mushroom & Green Pepper Italian Sauce*. A half a cup is considered to be a single serving which contains 90 calories with 25 calories from fat.  There are three grams total fat, half a gram saturated fat, zero each trans fat and cholesterol, 470 mg. sodium, 400 mg. Potassium, 13 grams total carbs, three grams dietary fiber, ten grams sugars, and two grams protein.  Also present are 10% (D.V.) Vitamin A, 6% Vitamin C, 2% Calcium and 4% Iron. **TASTE TIP:** Slather a generous helping of this sauce over a serving of Barilla pasta, top with Romano or Parmesan cheese, add a Jennie-O Turkey Store Italian sausage and a tossed green salad and dive right in.  **Mangi!**      


Oak Park, IL


Prego Chunky Garden Mushroom & Green Pepper Italian Sauce

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