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Precor Treadmill

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It's like a moving sidewalk you control!


Precor treadmills are one of the most reliable and flexible machines on the market today.  Having the ability to add attachments and accessories like the heart monitor (not standard with this model) can keep your expenditures low to give you just the core aspects that you need in a treadmill.  The bouncy surface keeps stress off of joints while still giving the resistance in the incline settings to get a workout to target areas.  These areas under most duress are highlighted on a handy image to let you know what you're working out!  Two cup holders maximize your drink/remote storing facilities, while not interfering with comfortable molded handgrips. Cons can be noise issues when on higher speeds or when under the duress of a larger person.  This is a perfect machine for a communal gym, as it can store information for up to four different users, creating a personal profile for each to maximize your success!

Madison, WI


The Precor c936i is the best machine I have ever used!


The Precor c936i is a great machine to use.  I love the options it gives for different workouts. The ability to change speed, incline, and workout routines makes exercise enjoyable! What I wouldn't do to own one of my own!

Eros, LA


Precor c936i trademill is durable & has long lasting performance


          The Precor C936i was built with quality in mind to promote longevity and trouble-free use. There's no need for a fan as this treadmill features a quiet and spinning self cooling 3.0HP motor which helps increase motor life and reliability.  Precor c936i trademill has - Ground Effects Cushioning System - this suspension system controls your lateral motion and reduces wear and tear on your back; legs and knees - QuickStart - Reversible Deck - SmartRate shows actual heart rate in relation to your target zone for weight loss and cardio training. - Top speed of 11mph - Touch Heart Rate - Easy-to-use hand grip sensors monitor heart rate during workouts - Wireless heart rate. - 0-12 % incline ramp - The C936i incline ramp allows users to exercise different muscles at different levels. - Storage - Accessories are easily housed in the console, with space for user. - Solid running bed - Exceptionally sturdy 1-inch integrated waxed running deck. Requires no lubrication and can be flipped to double life.

Charlotte, NC


Precor Treadmill

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