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Precor Elliptical Trainer

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Precor Elliptical Trainers provide a great workout


I use a Precor Elliptical Trainer 5 days a week, every week. It has helped me to lose over 50 pounds. Here's why it works for me: 1) It's easy to use and easy on your knees and joints; now there's no excuse not to exercise 2) I prefer the Precor Elliptical Trainers without the handles, as they allow me to read the newspaper, magazines or books without worrying about the handles getting in the way; besides, research shows that the extra handles don't add much as your legs are doing nearly all the work 3) Most Precor Elliptical Trainers have handles that measure your pulse rate and helps you to stay in the "weight loss zone". 4) Workouts go fast, especially if you watch TV or read while working out; just keep in mind that by doing this, you may not pay attention to your intensity; raising the intensity level in short bursts is better than going at a slow pace for a longer period of time. That said, do what's best for you so that you continue to exercise.


Lake Villa, IL


Really gives you a good workout


I really enjoy the elliptical! I find that it is one of the nicer exercise machines for me! I wish I had one, but so far I have just used it when I go to work out at gym. It is very easy to use, and in minutes you begin to feel the burn! I normally only use that machine, it seems to be so much easier to use verses the bike, or treadmill. I find it is the new and improved way to work out, with great results. I normally work out on it for like 20 minutes then take a break, do something else to help cool down, then I get back on and work out some more! I really have only good things about it, I just wish I could afford to get one for home. That I guess is a downfall, kinda pricey to buy! Overall, if you want a great workout that doesn't take hours to get the results you want, this is a machine you might want to look into trying and maybe buying!


Larned, KS


The Precor elliptical machine gives you a great workout!


The Precor elliptical machine is my favorite exercise machine at the health club. I try to use it for 15, 20 or 30 minutes 2-3 times a week, and get a great workout each time.  I'm 60 years old and have slight hip spur and knee problems. My orthopedic specialist recommended moderate exercise, and I find the elliptical machine and senior exercise classes help maintain muscle tone and flexibility. Using the elliptical machine has cardio benefits also. What I especially like about the Precor elliptical machine is that it's easy on my hip and knee joints while giving a good workout. You can adjust the resistance level from 1-10; I usually keep it at level 1. You can go as fast or as slowly as you want and can vary the speed during your workout. There's a continual readout showing calories, distance and minutes during your workout, and a workout summary when you are done. Like with any exercise machine, it's good to set a goal for yourself, say 5 minutes when you start out, or 1/2 a mile, or 100 calories. When you've reached your goal, you can keep going if you want to do more, or do more next time. Go for it!


Bronx, NY


I love the Precor Elliptical because it is easy on your knees!


The Precor is a great buy because it is used in gyms all accross the United States. The procer is very easy on your knees and you can go for an hour and not be hurting like you do when you run!!! The precor also has a quick start and manual so you can choose what you want to do. The precor also has different programs that you can do like strength training weight loss fat burn etc. I usually watch tv on the precor and it makes the time FLY BY!! It is soooo awesome. You can watch any show you want and it has a spot to put your ear plugs in so you dont hear anyone else around you so you dont get distracted. I recomend this over running cause it is so much better on your knees. I do believe though, that you need to make the resistance atleast six to get a good work out. If your resistance is low, then you will just be usuing gravity to push and not be using your muscles. RUnning DOES get you in better shape than the precor, but the precor is just easier!


Maumee, OH


Precor is smooth and non-jarring


The Precor Eliptical Trainer has multiple monitors on the screen to keep anyone motivated because the measurements of strides per minute, calories burned per minute, total calories burned, heart rate among others are constantly changing so there's always a challenge to meet. I tend to look for the heart rate and minutes until I near the end of thirty minutes before looking at total calories burned so I stay the course. There are variations of speed that can be programmed as a variable speed course, but I am not that well disciplined and would get defeated. But looking at the strides per minute and total number of strides, I try to keep that at 100 strides per minute. The heart rate I like to see at above 120 and total calories at 250. The distration of TV news is helpful. What I like the most is the smooth rhythmic, motion that allows impact but without jarring or injury. The handles allow more upper body strengthening.


Asheville, NC


A great workout machine!


I LOVE The Precor Ellipticals. They are exremeley easy to use and have tons of options and workout modes to choose from. I always do the Weight-loss mode but I like the fact that I can change the resistant to fit my needs and if I want to change to a different mode its as simple as pressing a button. I have used other ellipticals but I never feel like that are making me sweat and workout like the Precor's do, but maybe I just don't know how to use them. For anybody out there that is looking for a great workout machine I recommend the Precor Ellipticals, any of them are great. The elliptical takes the place of my treadmill at home because it does alot more. I can run easier on it, and not feel like I'm knocking the floor out, I can walk, or climb a hill there are resistant levels for all different activities. Try one today!!


Huntington, WV


I love this machine


I have used this machine for over three years at my local gym and I love it!  It is easy to use.  There are many fitness programs you can use and it is great for all fitness levels.  If you are just starting out (as I was) or in the best shape this machine is great for you to use.  It has adjustable levels (one through ten).  It has adjustable resistance (also one through ten).   A few of the programmed workouts include: cross training, weight loss and glutes.  I like the fact that there is amanual one so I can adjust as I wish.  It has a digital timer that will count the time for you back/forwards.  Calorie counter which you can program it for your personal weight and age.  It is pretty accurate calculations too!  I have lost 34 pounds with this machine's help and so could you!


East Brookfield, MA


Precor Elliptical Trainer

4.6 7