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Precor C846 Recumbent Bike

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This stationary bike rides like a real one


I am very pleased with the Precor C846.  I like how easy it is to use.  To choose a program, you simply type in the numbers.  You don't have to deal with scrolling through the whole list. I really like the program modes.  They are easy to choose.  Furthermore, each time you choose a program, it asks for your specific information, like your weight and age.  This ensures that the calorie count is accurate, which is very useful for me. It seems to be a very sturdy bike as well.  The seat is comfortable and very adjustable.  I have problems with most stationary bikes because of my height, but this one offers a wide range of seating heights to accomodate everybody.   The displays are very easy to read and very easy to change.  I like that I can choose to see the remaining time or how much time has passed.  It gets annoying with the scrolling displays, but with this bike you can choose exactly which display you want to see and it will not change on you. 

Pearblossom, CA


Precor C846 Recumbent Bike

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