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Precious Sticksters

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Precious Stickers are great healthy snacks for my kids.


Precious Sticksters all natural cheese sticks are great to have for snack time.  I love being able to grab something healthy that has calcium and only 90 calories each.  My kids love the individual packages.  I take them with me when I run errands with my kids so that I can hand them to my preschoolers when they are starting to have a meltdown because they are getting hungry.  They can hold on to the cheese with the wrapper on so that the food stays clean.  My husband also loves them because when he gets his late night munchies he can have a Stickster instead of some other unhealthy snack.    I purchased the Stickers when they were on sale and had a coupon so they were inexpensive.  Normally I think they are a little pricey for the amount of cheese my family eats but with the sale and coupon they were the perfect price.  The biggest downside, if there is one, is the wrapper.  It's great to keep the cheese clean but sometimes it tears and the cheese is really hard to get out. 

Mesa, AZ


Precious Sticksters

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