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PreNexa Prenatal Vitamin with Plant-Based DHA

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Great Prenatal with No Side Effects: Try PreNexa!


After trying several different brands of pre-natal vitamins, PreNexa is definitely my top choice! Other brands made me severely nauseous, required me to take two pills (one with the vitamins, one with DHA), or left the repulsive taste of fish oil in my mouth. (NOT what you need when you're already struggling with severe morning sickness!) Thankfully, my doctor finally prescibed PreNexa which I have been using on a daily basis for the last five months. PreNexa contains the recommended amount of folic acid which helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects. Each capsule also includes DHA which assists with the development of baby's brain and eyes. Unlike most other prenatal vitamins, PreNexa's DHA is plant-based. This means no more fish oil taste in your mouth! Another positive aspect of PreNexa is that it contains a gentle stool softener to help with the common pregnancy problem of constipation. My body reacts very strongly to most medicines/pills, so it's been such a relief to find a pre-natal vitamin with no side affects. If you're struggling to find the pre-natal that's right for you, I strongly suggest you talk to your OB about getting a sample of PreNexa.


Joliet, IL


PreNexa Prenatal Vitamin with Plant-Based DHA

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