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Power Wheels
Power Wheels Red Jeep Rubicon by Fisher Price


The Power Wheels® Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon takes kids on real backyard driving adventures as far their imaginations can go! 12-volts of battery power and big, treaded tires drive two speeds forward plus reverse on hard surfaces and grass. Equipped with rugged grab bars for easy in and out, pretend seatbelts for role-play fun and a roomy rear storage compartment—just pack it up and go! High speed lock-out for beginners; Power Lock® Brakes. Includes 12-volt battery and charger.

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Nice Riding Toy


I bought this for my three year old son's birthday. Based on reviews from other sites, two year olds were having a blast with this Power Wheels Red Jeep Rubicon by Fisher Price. However, my three year old cannot steer or use the Jeep at the present time. Nevertheless, my review is still positive because it is not the toy's fault my little one needs a lot of help figuring this one out. I gave it four stars because I truly believe it should have seat belts. I realize it is only five miles per hour but it is pretty jerky and seat belts teach safety as well. Additionally, having doors that open and close would be better than having to climb over into the Jeep. This doesn't seem to bother the kids, it is just more of a personal opinion. This Rubicon Jeep is actually pretty cool. The battery is located under the hood just like a real jeep and my son loves popping open the hood to repair his jeep just like Daddy. It also makes charging the battery super easy. Another neat feature is that the shifter is realistic and easy to use to put jeep in drive or reverse. I also like that when your child takes their foot off the gas pedal the Jeep immediately stops rolling. This takes the guesswork out of trying to teach them to apply the brakes. My hubby and Grandpa assembled the Jeep. Both said that it had a ton of pieces but that it was manageable with two people. They said reading the instructions was important and that the stickers took the longest. We live in a neighborhood with sidewalks and the Jeep drives great. It does not do that great on grass especially wet grass. The seat is wide enough for two kids to sit comfortably. Overall, I do recommend the Power Wheels Red Jeep Rubicon by Fisher Price.



Expensive but worth it!


To be completely honest, I hesitated several times prior to purchasing this Jeep for my 4 yr old nephew. However, it was for his birthday and was the only thing he really wanted and his parents were unable to afford it this birthday so "auntie to the rescue!" Ha! I am very glad I paid the money for the Power Wheels Red Jeep Rubicon by Fisher Price because it has been worth every penny thus far. He rides on it day and night and it is built to last; just like a real Jeep. It is extremely realistic and basically just a miniature version of the actual automobile and just doesn't go as fast nor requires expensive fuel. Ha-ha! The doors open and close and the lights and other features work like the real deal and it even has a working stereo with mp3 player capability. It runs extremely well on flat/hard surfaces but it also runs pretty good off road which is my nephews favorite way to ride it. The only con I can find is that there is no working horn. I am kind of grateful for that and so are his parents for our sanity's sake. :) After watching how much this Jeep does and how much fun it brings to my nephew and his friends and our other little family members, I can understand why it's so pricey. I would buy a hundred times over again. I highly recommend this ride on toy.

Dallastown, PA


Hours of Fun!


My husband and I purchased this Jeep for our son for his second birthday in blue. He always LOVED riding in his sister's pink Barbie Jeep, so when he turned two we thought he would love to have his own blue "boy" Jeep. He absolutely loves this thing. It's rough and rugged and can handle all types of terrain. We live in the woods so he has that thing in the woods, in the ditch, in the field - everywhere, and just like a real adult Jeep - this can handle all of that. It has no doors, which I was a little concerned about at first, since he had been used to riding in hi sister's that does have doors, but the Jeep doesn't go extremely fast so he is able to stay in safely. It can go forward at 2.5 and 5mph speeds, and reverse at 2.5mph - which I like. When we first gave him this Jeep we kept the speed set at 2.5 until he got the hang of driving it, then we were able to adjust it so it would go at the max 5mph speed. Overall this is a FAVORITE at our house and whenever friends or cousins come over to play, all the kids go straight for the Jeep. The only complaint is that maybe the battery life could last a little bit longer, but for how much use it gets I can't really complain too much. A+ toy and well worth EVERY single penny. The kids just love it.



Power Wheels Red Jeep Rubicon by Fisher Price

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