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Power Wheels
Power Wheels Barbie™ Volkswagen® New Beetle


Sweet Volkswagen® styling, cool Barbie™ details & real driving fun! The battery-powered Fisher-Price® Power Wheels® Barbie™ Volkswagen® Beetle features a tot-friendly design with a driver’s door that really opens and closes, and foot pedal operation for easy stop and go. And it drives 2.5 mph max on hard surfaces for a safe but exciting cruise around the neighborhood!

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awesome for small girls!


When my oldest daughter was 3 years old we got her one of these to cruise around the lawn with. My mom had a silver beetle bug car that was the same style as this so my daughter was squealing with delight that she had the same car as mammy! She had so much fun with this little barbie beetle bug car. It is very safe as it doesn't go very fast. Its the smallest power wheels I have ever seen. It's price is much lower than the large power wheels, but it is much smaller and goes much slower making it perfect for small kids that aren't ready for the higher powered ride on toys. The drivers side door opens and my daughter thought she was so cool parking it and getting in and out of it. It holds a charge for a very long time compared to the larger ride on toys. We got her a licence plate with her name on it too and this was her favorite thing to do outside. We have a huge driveway which ended up being great because it didn't move along the grass very well. She repwately got stuck and had to be pushed to get going again every time she stopped in the grass. It was fine because we had the large driveway and I also let her take it into town when we went on walks and it went on the side walk perfectly. I like the car a lot it's very cute but it is super tiny. Two kids won't fit in it comfortably. Its ment for one small child to drive and that's it. We got this car 4 years ago and it's still working. Its faded and the stickers have worn off but it still works and holds a charge perfectly. My younger daughter drove it a ton as well and she thought it was awesome too. I highly recommend this to small kiddos. I like that it is more reasonably priced then the larger models but it won't last as long for the child because it is so small. They won't fit in it as long as they would in the bigger ones. I still think it's perfect for younger kids and it is well worth the cost to see your kids cruising around in it! I can't imagine any little girl not being happy with this car.




Cute Ride!


When I ran across this toy I fell in love with the design of the Volkswagen Beetle. My girls had no idea that I was buying it, they already have a number of motorized riding to toys. I didn't pay much attention to the power of the battery, it comes with a 6-Volt battery not a 12-Volt. My girls are both under 50 pounds, which is the weight limit for this car. I had some issues with the steering column, but had my husband put it together. The girls were super excited to drive it, I learned quickly that pavement is the best place to ride, this car only rides at 2.5 mph, and doesn't do well on the grass. Since the car is slower than their other rides, I brought it inside the house and let them drive it on the kitchen floor. It does fairly well on carpet, and the size is perfect because it's small enough to manuever around furniture. Now it takes a good 12 hours to charge the battery, but the power weakens fast! I'd say they get a couple hours out of it before it needs charging again. I make sure to charge it at night so they have a fresh battery in the morning. I failed to mention that when putting together, there's a number of stickers to place on the body, and I had a hard time with getting the creases out. My youngest daughter weights more than her older sister, 8 lb difference, and I've noticed that this beetle rides better and smoother. It's a cute fun ride for smaller children.




great for barbie lovers


This Power Wheels Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle is cute. That's the first thing you notice. The next thing you notice is pink. Hot pink. It is very cute and very girly. There are hearts on the hood and Barbie on the door. It looks like a Volkswagen beetle with the top down, but the windows up. The "windows" are plastic with stickers, so you can't actually see through them, although your child's head is going to be above those windows anyways, but I still think it would have been fun if the windows were actually see through. When we first got this the batter seemed to last forever on one charge, but the more you use it the quicker you start to run through the battery. There isn't as much leg room in this car as there are in some others, out of the different child cars we own, this one has the least amount of leg room, so if you have a tall child or a child with long legs, you might want to look into another child car.




Power Wheels Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle is Perfect for Toddler


My daughters are total girly girls and love anything Barbie. The Power Wheels Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle is VERY Barbie pink, a must for any Barbie fan! My daughters actually received this battery operated vehicle as a gift from their Grandma, who also drives a Beetle! This adorable Volkswagen Beetle is customizable as the decals come on their own sheet in the packaging for you to place on the vehicle yourself. There is a major downside to this Power Wheels vehicle. The appropriate ages printed on the box state that is meant for ages 3-5 years. My little toddler fits in the Beetle perfectly, but my oldest daughter, who was four years old at the time, had very little room for her legs. Now that my oldest child is five years old, she doesn't even ride in it anymore. I think the sizing needs to be readjusted on this product as the age recommendations don't hold true. Other than that, it is a great vehicle toy. Power Wheels brand holds true to quality, I do trust my kids to ride in it safely without worry. We also haven't had any issues with the vehicle's battery. I would recommend this Power Wheels Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle for any little girl under the age of four.


Nampa, ID


Power Wheels Barbie™ Volkswagen® New Beetle

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