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Power Wheels
Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Battery


12 Volt Replacement Battery Gives Your Kids The Power To Stay On The Move

The Fisher Price Power Wheels 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery is the answer to long and strong fun-filled drives for kids. There is a good chance that your little boy or girl is going to log quite a few miles in their power wheels. You will need a powerful and easy to recharge battery to make sure that they get as much fun out of it as possible.

A 12 Volt Replacement Battery will come in handy as a reliable backup because your kids can't stop by the gas station when they need to refuel. They can enjoy their spin without worrying about a power failure. The good news for parents is that the replacement battery is so affordable.

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Costs As Much as A Car Battery!


Over the years as a parent I've purchased 3 New Power Wheel riding toys, the first being 16 years ago, when I had very little experience on items such as this. My girls 4 & 5 years of age received a Power Wheel for Christmas, they intially loved their set of wheels when it was new. Overtime I noticed the decrease in.the 12 Volt Batteries power, I couldn't understand why such a new battery would.go dead so fast when I took special care of charging it appropriately, never over charging or under charging it. I checked into a replacement 12 Volt Battery by Power Wheels, and nearly fell out when I saw the price! I felt forced to buy the battery because there's not a lot of options when it comes to 12 Volt Batteries for Power Wheels. The battery cost me nearly a $100, and didn't even come with a charger! That set me back another $20 bucks! I checked around at alternatives, but there's not much out there ubless you plan on modifying the rising toy The battery is heavy, but easy to install and lasts just a short while before needed to be recharged. When I watch my girls play in their car, the cost of the battery slips my mind since they have so much fun using it.




Too expensive for what you get


I am not at all impressed with the 12v rechargeable battery for power wheels vehicles. We have purchased several power wheels for our children and have ended up having to replace the batteries with new 12v rechargeables. First of all, you have to charge them up forever before you can actually use them. Then, they get thirty minutes, tops, out of the battery life. And as if that wasn't bad enough, after just a couple short weeks, you will notice that they battery life begins to diminish. Each time they play with their vehicles, they get less and less play time out of a single charge. Worst of all, these batteries are crazy expensive. You pay an arm and a leg for a vehicle and then end up having to pay another arm and leg for new batteries every six months or so with regular use. Even if you store your vehicles inside and do everything possible to prolong the battery life, there is no saving them. I think that the company just wants you to empty your wallets by constantly having to replace the batteries.


Hendersonville, NC


Expensive, but well worth it.


Would definitely buy another one if needed


Saint Cloud, Florida


Holds a sufficient charge for years


I grew tired of the original battery in my niece's Barbie car not holding a charge so I picked up a new Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Battery. After charging the battery for 20 hours I was extremely impressed with its initial usage rate. My niece was able to drive around all week for about 30 minutes a day on a single charge. After the first week I noticed that the battery started to slowly hold less of a charge with each recharge, but it didn't have a major effect on the performance of the car. I would charge the battery every week for 8 hours a day and it would deliver on average about a hour of nonstop action. I was able to get about 2 years out of this battery before it eventually stopped working because I forgot to charge the battery during the winter. I would definitely recommend the Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Battery because it doesn't take long to charge after the first cycle and its decline is very gradually so it feels like money well spent.


Westchester, IL


Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Battery

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