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Chain Saws
Poulan P3314 14" Chainsaw

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it is worth the money


i bought this saw to replace my worn out poulan.it seems to work better and has more power.also starts easy.i cut up a dead cottonwood tree in my yard.it took a couple days but the small saw did it.i was surprised by the power compared to my old saw which was 20 years old.



It tackled everything Hurricane Ike threw into our yard


My husband bought our Poulan P3314 14" Gas Chain Saw about 3 weeks before Hurricane Ike hit. We live just north of Houston, and Ike rolled right through us. We had several big cedar tree tops ripped off and dropped in our yard, on our dog run. We had to wait until the rain stopped to check on our dogs, but once we could get into the yard, and start cleaning, my husband got the chainsaw out of the shed and started on the trees that fell. We have enough cedar posts to put a nice fence around the house, and I couldnt be more thankful for that little chainsaw. My husband used it to help several of our neighbors get the trees out of their yards, and off their homes too. I know it is just a light duty saw but it did the job here, and its still going strong.

Montgomery, TX


A great saw if you stay within intended use.


I got this saw for Christmas after I moved in to a house with not turf, only trees. There was no need for it at the time, but with 3/4 acre of trees I was going to need it and Santa understands my deep need for MORE TOOLS. This saw is perfect for that, and similar, situations. It's a light duty saw, and it says so right on the box. This is for "occasional use only" (quoting the manual there), and within those parameters it's great. I have felled, and cut up, quite a few trees with mine with not much in the way of problems, and I haven't even sharpened the blade yet. The only real mechanical problem I have had is that it doesn't like to idle when hot. It wants to be running hard or off. The chain/bar lube leaks a little when it's just sitting around, but that isn't a mechanical issue, it's a cheap homeowner grade saw issue, so I don't count that. I have a huge design/SAFETY issue with this saw. It does NOT have chain brake. A chain brake is usually incorporated into the guard between the front handle and the chain, and it stops the chain, if there is a kick back that makes your hand hit the guard, so you don't chainsaw your own head. It doesn't have the brake because it's designed for occasional light use. I really think that the target market calls for an extra good chain brake. If you are planning on using any chainsaw, you should look up some stuff and read about techniques, safety and safety equipment. If you are planning on using this saw you MUST! Chainsaws are very dangerous, and this one is short a safety feature. Short story-If you don't try to make this saw something it's not, you'll be very happy with it, but be careful. GENERAL CAUTION - Helmet, ear protection, eye protection, boots, gloves and chainsaw chaps. Those items you don't already have, you need to buy or rent and USE. The human body offers basically no resistance as far as running chainsaws are concerned, so get protected.

Marietta, GA


Poulan P3314 14" Chainsaw

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