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Potty Bench Training Toilet

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An ideal and organized multi-use training potty that is durable.


This potty bench has multi-storage available. Great for storing books! It is also equipped with a toilet paper holder! It's durable and made with thick plastic. It can hold up to 300 lbs and is ideal for bath time as a bench or for dental care as a step stool. It's everything I've wanted in a potty seat, especially being a new mom. With this potty bench it's easy to clean and will last me when I use it with my next kid. I would recommend using the storage for books or other potty time activities to help keep the baby on the potty til she/he goes. The toilet seat lid is a little tricky too, you need to open both storage sides in order to unlock the top lid to use the potty. My daughter absolutely loves using this potty seat. She likes to read too so it's great that we have a spot just for that. On the open side of the storage spots we use it for all of her bath toys (she has a lot). All in all this is a very useful and helpful multi-use potty seat.



Potty Bench Training Toilet

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