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Porter Paint
Porter Paint Semi Gloss Paint

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porter paint had great coverage and was true to it's color swatc


I do  interior design and I have dealt with a lot of different types of paints and paint colors. The two things that are most important to me are the coverage and the color being true to the paint swatch you choose from. I find that to be true with Porter Paints. I have used it throughout my home and in homes of my clients and am very pleased. The one thing I would like to see is bigger swatches because as a Designer I can see the full picture by the swatch but when dealing with a client I find that they can not and the trust factor for them starts to waiver and I have to convince them it will look beautiful.  I have found that porter paint will make for you at a very low price a small can of the colors you chose  and by purchasing those samples you can buy poster boards and paint them then pin the boards to the wall of the room you are going to paint. This is especially important if you are doing accent walls or different colors throughout you home. Also by layer the poster boards on  top of each other staggered so each color can be seen will help you to get a visual of how the colors will work together. It s very important that the the colors are complementing one another and is pleasing to the eye. If it dose not draw you in then you may want to consider other colors. When it comes to design paint color can make or break a room. No matter how nice the furniture or accessories are if the paint color is not right or just white it can take away from the whole room. Even if you are limited to what you have when it comes to furniture or accessories the paint color can make it seem like you have more and will add warmth to the room. That is why I feel it is so important to get the right paint, the color, at the right price. You never want to cheat yourself or your client out of a great room because of a bad paint color or bad coverage. Another way to pick the right color is by going to Porter Paints and gather as many different swatch shades of the color you are interested in along with any complimentary colors you think you might like. Take the swatches home and play with against your fabrics, such as your drapes or furniture. Take the colors from room to room and see how they look in different lighting, but remember the most important lighting is the room you will be using the color in. Once you have narrowed it down pin the swatches on the wall and look at it for a couple of days. If you really feel good about it go with your gut. If you are not so sure try other colors and ask someone who is not afraid of color and has made smart color choices in their own home. Never ask some who keeps everything neutrals. If everything they choose is neutral it's usually because they don't know what else to do so you would not want them helping you make your selections. And always remember paint is one of the least expensive things you can do for your home and the simplist thing you can change so don't hold back because you are afraid you might not like it. If you don't like it or your style changes you can paint again. There is no limit to how many times you can paint a wall. Paint colors are fun and lively and add new life to a room. If you have more than one color in your home you can sit where the paint fits your mood. Another option Porter paint offers is paint pamphlet's that show rooms that have been painted in different shades and these can really help you get the feel of what colors look good together. I suggest you pick up as many different pamphlet's from Porter Paints as you can. You will be surprised at what you see and the colors you end up wanting and not expecting to. Don't ever sell yourself short by not gather as much visual information as possible. The biggest hold back when it comes to people painting colors in there home is they can not visualize colors in an entire room. Porter Paints has made that easy for you by creating these pamphlet's that can help you see what your room can  look like. When you select a photo from a magazine you like you don't know what paint colors were actually used. By making use of  Porter Paint pamphlet's you have the exact name colors of the paint so you will not be second guessing what your are selecting. To get started just go to a Porter Paint Store, take your time and gather as many color swatches and pamphlet's as you can. If possible go alone, leave your cell phone in the car and just  start selecting paint swatches. Remember don't over think it. If you like the color pick up the swatch. Just because you brought the swatch home doesn't mean you have to use it. By having several swatches it will help you in you color match and not having to keep going back until you are ready to make your purchase.

Canton, GA


Porter Paint Semi Gloss Paint

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