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PK 99740
Portable Kitchen Cast Aluminum Cooker Charcoal Grill

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Durability and function


Bought this grilll because my father in law still has his that he purchased over 20 years ago. It is still in great condition! I don't know if it is the metal but food tastes so much better grilled on the PK vs other grillls. And it is compact enough that it can be packed in the back of the truck when we haul the camper on trips

Thomaston, Georgia


Love it


Great little grill. wish they made a larger model, this model is fine for making my family burgers but a little to small for a even a small BBQ/party.



Can't beat this charcoal grill - PK grills rock for years.


I learned to grill on a Portable Kitchen grill. My Dad bought it years ago - so far back that I don't even remember when or where we came about having a PK grill. Last year, Mom wanted me to grill some steaks at her house (my Dad has passed now). It was a blast from the past to be back on the Portable Kitchen, and it grilled up the steaks just as fine as I remembered. I thought they quit making PK, and they actually did. Then, someone who had a PK and was not impressed with the low quality of most charcoal grills today contacted the guy who had the trademark or patent and put the Sports model back out. Well, hey now, I have a new PK out on my porch. This grill is cast aluminum. That means it's made all in one piece on the body and that the metal is high quality and holds and retains the heat. It's a little like cooking on cast iron on the home stove and has that same kind of quality and durability. The PK is going to go much hotter than typical charcoal grills today. It's a good idea to offset the charcoal with it on one end to sear and the other end with none to finish off cooking to the correct doneness. You can also use the lid and vents to control the temp. It just takes a little practice. The build on this grill makes it a great smoker too. You really don't have to buy both a grill and smoker. Learn to use this high end grill, and you can smoke some great shoulders, chickens, ribs and so on. My Dad's old grill must be 35 to 40 yrs old, and I suspect that my new PK will have that same kind of lasting power. If you're the type who buys quality, then invest a little more and have a grill that you won't have to replace and that will do most any kind of outdoor cooking you could ever want. Do note that this is called portable and the body and stand come apart. But, it's a full sized grill and the stand is waist high. You can move it all around your deck or yard, and you can tailgate with it if you have a truck or SUV. But, this is not a tailgater really. I take it out somtimes, but that's in a mid sized SUV.

southern, NC


Portable Kitchen Cast Aluminum Cooker Charcoal Grill

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