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Popsicle Brand
Popsicle Brand Sugar Free Tropicals Popsicles

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Excellent sugar free hydrating treat and a lifesaver.


When my husband was having kidney stones a couple of years ago, he was having bad reactions: he was nauseous, vomiting, feverish, severe pain, and dehydration. Since he couldn't keep anything down, I was having a hard time trying to find something that he could eat and drink without making him nauseous and throw it straight back up. On top of that, he's diabetic, so it had to be low or no sugar. I ran and bought him sugar free popsicles and sugar free jello along w/broth. The popsicles, in the tropical and regular flavors really helped him keep the fever down as well as hydrate him and it stayed down. He was happy that he could keep those down. He really prefers the tropical flavors (Citrus Mix, Fruit Fusion, & Tropical Strawberry) to the regular orange, grape, and cherry flavors just because they are different from the others. When the weather starts to get warm, I always make sure I have a box or two in my freezer. He thinks they're for kids, I think they're a lifesaver.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Popsicle Brand Sugar Free Tropicals Popsicles

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