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Popsicle Brand
Popsicle Brand Mighty Mini Popsicles

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Mighty Good!


Mighty Mini Popsicles are just right. They are the right size (2 bites), the right calories (15 per pop), right texture, right flavors.......fantastic! The pops come in fun flavors and shapes for the kid in all of us. Since they are only 15 calories each, you can have a couple which makes snack time last a while.

Pittsburgh, PA


These are PERFECT for toddlers!


My son is four years old and we bought these popsicles for him.  The first thing he said was "Mama it's the perfect size for me!"  They are perfect for toddlers who can not eat a whole big popsicle.  I know with my son I always had to finish his.  And the slow melt is awesome.  It didnt melt all over him and make a big mess.  I love this product and will buy it all summer :)

Salem, NH


great for small children!!!!


My kids love popsicles but 1/2 of it melts before they can eat it.  When I found these Mighty Mini Popsicles I thought I hit the jackpot.  My kids LOVE them and they are the PERFECT size.  They don't melt as fast either.  I don't buy anything else!!!!

Hortonville, WI


Popsicle Brand Mighty Mini Popsicles

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