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Poppycock - Chocolate Lovers

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Tasty with just the right amount of chocolate!


   I have been in the process of loosing weight, but I gave into a holiday treat that I couldn't resist! ***Poppycock Chocolate Lovers*** is a tasty snack for your holiday season.     *Made by ConAgra Foods **Poppycock **is a caramelized popcorn snack often including NUTS (**warning for those with allergies**). The Chocolate Lovers in the blue canister has the caramelized popcorn and cashews clusters drizzled in chocolate. The serving size is only one half a cup, so be careful not to over-indulge! 140 calories with 60 from fat, 2g of sat. fat, 19g Carbs, less than 1g fiber, 13g sugar, this is NO health snack but enjoyable in MODERATION.*    This treat is surprisingly enjoyable. I thought the chocolate would be overbearing, but it's actually just enough to be mouth watering, without being overly sweet. This scrumptious treat reminds me it's the holidays, but I have to ration out the half cup serving size because if I just eat out of the container, I'm sure to eat the whole thing without realizing it! The combination of crunchy, salty and sweet is a salivating masterpiece.    You MUST exercise* portion control* with this snack because the *calories will add up fast*. However, if you're someone who doesn't mind giving into your snack cravings once in a while and love snack that cater to combo cravings, ***Poppycock*** could be for you . . . and the ***Chocolate Lovers ***is their best flavor yet! As Rachel Ray says, "YUMMO!"

Yucca, AZ


Poppycock - Chocolate Lovers

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