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Pop Art Disney 5-in-1 Waffle Maker

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What an idea


Recently my daughter's school group were getting ready to put on a fundraiser and wanted to do something unique that had not been done before. While doing some online research I spotted an ad for Pop Art Disney 5 in 1 Waffle Maker. Electively deciding to make cake pops in Disney character shapes sounded like the best option. When I received the waffle maker I was impressed by how well the imprint definitions were. Still unsure, we decided to use brownie batter. The waffle maker ha an adjustable temperature setting and came with a scoop cup and an easy cleaning scrub brush as well. Even though the box said it was stick free, we did not want to take any chances o we used Pam spray. None of the fun shaped brownies got stuck to the cooking molds. The outer case of the waffle maker stayed cool to the touch and we were able to handle it with ease as well as remove the brownies without incident. It also has a overlapping lip toward the top so that you can grab and open the waffle maker without getting burned. It is super easy to use and it cooks efficiently, quickly and evenly. The character imprints are really nicely detailed and were easy to work with for the most part. The fundraiser turned out to be a smash and everyone was really impressed with how they looked and tasted. his waffle maker was worth the money spent to purchase it. It is a really fun and unique way to get involved with my daughters project but would also be great for quite a few other reasons.



Pop Art Disney Waffle Maker


My children are picky eaters but they seem to be more willing to try food if it has a fun look. My kids usually eat waffles without a problem but I really would prefer that they eat waffles and pancakes that I make at home so I know what's going into them and I can make healthier versions. This waffle maker works fine. It isn't anything too fancy. It's main purpose is to make character's faces on the waffles and it does a fine job of it. The kids absolutely love it and I can even make whole grain waffles & pancakes and get them to eat them because of the cute faces on them. That makes this waffle iron worth it to me. I'll do anything to get my kids to eat healthier and this does the trick. It's also easy to clean.

Canton, OH


It's a nice little novelty item for the grandkids


I saw this online and thought it would be a really neat item for pancakes in the morning when my grandson spends the night,,, he's 3 years old and loves Mickey Mouse. I was right in the fact that he loved the idea of Mickey Mouse pancakes in the morning but my pancakes were a little bland.  I think next time I'll add a little mashed banana or some chocolate chips to add some flavor to the mix I bought and then after that I'll get a better pancake mix.  I just used a mix that came in a plastic container,,, add water and shake,,,, it wasn't very tasty   LoL   It was a good thing I bought blueberry syrup for dipping the pancakes in. Next time he comes over I'm going to try making brownies in it.  The actual faces probably won't show up as much as they do on a lighter colored batter like the pancakes but I'm sure he'll like the taste. If you buy this though make sure you use non-stick cooking spray,, without it the pancakes would have really been a disaster!

Green Bay, WI


Pop Art Disney 5-in-1 Waffle Maker

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