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Pond's White Beauty Detox Day Cream

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My skin glows!


My mom bought this and I tried it at her house and noticed how much better my skin looked after I used it once so I went and bought some myself to keep trying and use at home. I use this product about once a week to try and let my face recover from all of the nasty things that it comes into contact with. I exercise a lot and also wear make up everyday so I try to use this and let my face get all relaxed and like it says, detox and clear all that out of my pores. After I use this my pores are visibly smaller than they were before I used it and my face then becomes very moisturized and a lot of the redness that I get on my face instantly goes away. The product does not have much of a smell to it, which is one of my favorite things because it does not have a bad flower smell, it is light though and does not clog up your pores or make any irritants happen on my face. It works so well and after I use it my face is glowing and everything looks like it is refreshed and that makes me look younger.



Have beautiful Skin


Pond's White Beauty Detox spot-less white cream is perfect to help reduce dark spots, marks and visibly lighten skin.  I like a lot of people have some scarring on my cheeks from acne and was looking for something to make them disappear.  I have always been impressed with Pond's products and felt comfortable in thinking they are good products for my skin. Pond's White Beauty Detox spot-less white cream is a thick rich cream that is to be put on clean dry skin twice a day.  On the finger tips the cream is silkie smooth and is absorbed in to the skin very quickly with out leaving a oily greasing feeling.   Pond's White Beauty Detox spot-less white cream does not clog pores and does not cause more blemishes.  After using Pond's White Beauty Detox spot-less white cream for a week I visably saw a differants in my skin.  Dark spot and scarring on my cheeks were visible lighting up and I was very plesantly suprised that Pond's White Beauty Detox spot-less white cream actually conditioned my skin.  My skin felt healthyer, younger and more viverant.  My skin was softer and felt wonderful.  My skin is healthyer and younger feeling and the dark spots and scarring is almost gone.  Not only did I get what I wanted from this product I also found out what a wonderful moisterizer for the skin it actually it.  Pond's did it again with a perfect product.

Quincy, CA


Pond's White Beauty Detox Day Cream

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