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Ponds Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

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I swear by this


I use this as part of my nightly skin routine right after cleansing and exfoliating. I use the small jar, and it has kept my skin toned, significantly less dry, and more resilient to winter dryness. It haslightened up a couple of darker spots that have started to appear, as well as evened out my skin tone, brightened my skin, and reduced fine lines.

South Carolina


Wonderful stuff!


I began using this cream during a very stressful time. I'd quit a low-stress job and my new job ended up being VERY high-stress (boss was arrested & eventually lost her license to practice). Got ANOTHER job, and the stress kept coming. Husband wanted a divorce. Went back to visit my low-stress job and got comments that they would never know how much stress I was under - I looked so rested!! Haha! I will NEVER give this stuff up! Crow's feet are minimal & my typical (genetic) black circles are not in evidence! It didn't freak my skin out when I started using it, either, and most anything makes me break out. (I'm 44, in case anyone was wondering!)

Columbia, SC


Just okay.


Although I liked the Pond's Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream, I don't see a real difference between this Pond's and regular Pond's cream, or between Pond's Rejuveness and other over the counter facial moisturizers or creams. It felt more like a higher end body lotion than an anti-aging face cream to me. Absorption This cream absorbs relatively well even though it is thicker than most creams that I have tried. Personally, I prefer creams that are thinner and therefore absorb a bit more quickly. Doesn't Clog Pores Because the cream is thick, I think it tends to clog pores more than some lotions and/or creams. I was afraid that if I continued to use it over a longer period of time, my skin might start to break out. Effectiveness As a moisturizer it fit the bill, but I didn't notice any difference in the overall appearance of my skin including fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, I ended up using it as a body moisturizer instead of just on my face.



Worked for my mother, but no so much for me.


I really love the scent of this product and the light, airy feel of it on my skin. It does make my skin feel moisturized, but I can't see that it has much effect on the wrinkles that come with age. I think it's a good product to use as a base for my makeup, but I think something much stronger is needed for women over fifty. Absorption Easily absorbed by skin and did not leave any heavy, greasy film on my skin. Doesn't Clog Pores Product is so light on skin, I've had no problems in this area. Effectiveness I just can't get this product to work for me like it did for my mother. This is the only product my mother ever used on her face and at the age of 80, her skin still looked beautiful. For me, it just doesn't seem to penetrate deep enough into my skin to really provide a lot of benefit other than simple moisturizing.

Medon, TN


New product from the brand my grandmother swears by.


I have grown up to trust the Pond's brand name.  My 70 year old grandmother has used their cold cream every day since it first came out.  She is definatly a testamonial that it works, she looks more like she should be in her early 50s instead of having just celebrated her 70th birthday.   So when I looked in the mirror to find my first wrinkle I went right to the Pond's product line.  There, I decided upon Pond's Rejuveness cream.  It is an anti-wrinkle cream that is to be used after washing your face morning and night.  While I have not been using it long enough to know if it actually gets rid of wrinkles, I do know how great it feels and how fresh it smells.  I use it 2x per day and actually look forward to putting it on.  It has made my face and neck so soft feeling.  Ususally these type of products are fragrance free, but this one has a very fresh, clean sent to it that I actually like. 

Concord, NC


Ponds Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

4.2 5