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Pond's Cucumber Cleanser

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Pond's Cucumber Cleanser works wonders!


Pond's Cucumber Cleanser is one of my tried and true facial cleansers. As long as I can remember my mother and grandmother have used a similar Pond's. They both look amazing for their ages. It has definitely been a tradition passed down in my family. I enjoy the scent and feeling of Pond's on my skin. I think it's a nice general cleanser. It does the job. Removes make up wonderfully and doesn't irritate my skin at all. It leaves my skin smooth and soft. Effectiveness Very effective in cleansing. I would use something else if I had acne prone skin. Only because I think this cleanser may be too mild to battle acne. Ease of Application Pond's goes on so smoothly. It's one of my favorite things about using it. It glides across your skin. It does need to be wiped off to be removed. I have found it doesn't just rinse away. Scent Very clean fresh cucumber scent. It wakes me and my skin up when I use it. It isn't a super strong scent. Just enough to enjoy. I think it has just the right amount of scent.


Canton, OH


Leaves your skin soft


I love using this product. My face skin type is combined with dry and oily parts and I have never had an issue with the cream. For those with oily skin, I'm not sure if this would work for you so what I would suggest if you know someone who uses it, ask them to get you a small sample (since they sell the creams in pretty large amounts) and try it out. If you it's too greasy for you or your sensitive skin reacts badly to it this isn't the right cream for you. For dry skin people same thing try it out if you can and see if you like the results of the cream. My mom has been using this for years and she is the one that recommended it to me. I use it as a face wash when I haven't done much during the day and I do it in the morning and night. It says you can wipe it off with a tissue or with warm water, I preferbly use warm water and it leaves my skin feeling great after. It does a good job in removing make up, but I would recommend wipe it off with a cloth for several tries until you notice your not picking up any more make up and then rinsing off with warm water. I love using this product and I would recommend others to try it out.


Santa Cruz, CA


Pond's Cucumber Cleanser

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