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Pond's Clear Solutions Clear Pore Strips

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They don't work.


I used Pond's pore strips a couple years ago and I don't think they've changed since then. They don't work. Like at all. They are a sticky mess when you try to put them on your nose. They are hard to smooth down and get to stay in place while you wait for them to dry. And then when your nose is finally the paper mache you want it to be, you pull it off all excited that your blackheads will be gone and low and behold, all your blackheads are still occupying their pores and you have dried glue all over your nose. So you clean your nose off and think "well maybe I just couldn't see the gunk it took off my nose." So you inspect the used pore strip and find what looks like tiny little hairs. You think, "oh, maybe that's just little whiteheads I had on my nose. But no, you figure out that it is just the paper that got messed up from having the glue torn off it. And then you are angry because you spent money on these things and they don't work at all. You use up the whole box hoping that if you prep your nose right, they'll work. They don't. So then you write a review telling others not to buy them. And you buy yourself some Biore pore strips, which work amazingly.

Salt Lake City, UT


Great for you AND your husband!


I am a 24 year old mother of two, I have also been married for four years. I would think by now I would have grown out of the fear of pimples but lets face it, no matter what your age is your skin may be prone to break outs. I happen to get most of mine when I am stressed and they always seem to pop up right around my nose. I have tried lots of products but these Ponds Pore Strips seem to do the job the best. I can literally feel the difference in my skin after using one and it feels fresh and clean. They are easy to apply, never falling off as well as they are easy to remove when the time is up. I do how ever think they are a little pricey but it is worth it for a job well done. Not only do I find these very useful and worth the time and money but so does my husband. He had been complaing about break outs as well so I told him to give these a try. It took a little convincing but eventually he did give them a try and now he uses them quite often as well. Men care about their skin just as much as us women, and this product works equally well for both!

Carmel, IN


Pond's Clear Solutions Clear Pore Strips

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