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Polaroid - T1235 Digital Camera

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Polaroid .. a timeless classic !


POLAROID DOES IT AGAIN !  well you know i just bought my polaroid camera and the pictures are pretty spectacular i must say. Everyone knows polaroid has been around since the dinosaur ages ( not really. ) and it's one of those timeless classic things , I mean you have dinner on christmas , cake on your birthday , and you have your polaroid camera. :) I am super pleased with this camera. To be totally honest it was a gift.. and other than my iPod it was a pretty darn good one. I can't really seem to put my finger on a specific flaw.. other than the small amount of MGB but thats just a TINY little thing. nothing big. Oter than that.. there is really nothing else to say .. Polaroid cameras will probably never let you down unless you are some type of camera perfectionist that only uses cameras with SUPER awesome MGB , resolution , memory , battery power . ( which will probably never happen ) so for people like that we will just call you guys the CameraUNAPPRECIATORS ! because this camera rocks ! and you can take that to the bank :) .

Cary, NC


It's not my DSLR, but it's decent


I love photography, so although I am not a fan of the cameras that "do it all" for you, I can appreciate this camera's ability to do most of it for me while still letting me control the overall image. If I want quality over quantity, I reach for my DSLR Sony a200; however, if it's cute images of my little girls that I want, and I don't have the patience, time, energy, or space to be toting around my DSLR, this little camera does the trick. This camera is packing a pretty decent edge on some other cameras, considering it's megapixels; however, cameras are quickly evolving this days, and now I would hope the price of this one has fallen. It has a nice big screen on the back of the camera, with a pretty easy to use touchscreen. Some of the details for settings are kind of ambiguous, so it is imperative to take a look at the user guide to get a feel as to what each image represents; but other than that it is a pretty simple to use, decent quality camera for every day use. The battery life is pretty comparable. I haven't had any issues with it.

San Diego, CA


a must have


I really love this camera.  It is a great camera. It is easy to use.  Very cost effecient. I also had a t830 that I traded in for the t1235.  You will not go wrong with this digital camera.  This camera is for the person that has never used a digital camera before. It is sleek and up to date with out all the fuss and trouble of all other cameras. if you can push a button you can use this camera.  The camera comes with a disc that comes with really cool software. The software is xp, vista and windows 7 compatible.  So like i said before you can not go wron with this camera.  This will be great for any teenager, young adult, or senior who is wanting great and simple camera.  The camera also comes with a carrying pack. the carrying pack makes the camera so efficient to take with you anywhere. The camera also comes with all the cords that are needed for the camera to be connected to the computer. This makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Killeen, TX


Polaroid - T1235 Digital Camera

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