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Polaroid - iZone 300 Digital Camera

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iZone 300 is good for kids


This is a good beginner camera for kids. It's not too flashy or complicated which makes it makes it perfect for your little one's first big kid camera. It's inexpensive, but doesn't take too bad of pictures. It'll take getting knocked around without busting. I know our kids dropped it quite a few times and it didn't effect the camera at all. It doesn't make that great of camera for teens or adults because the mega pixels are rather low compared to a lot of digital cameras out today. The pictures this camera take aren't really bad just not as high tech as most people are used to. The photos are kind of like taking pictures off of your camera phone. If you just want a little camera for young kids then this will be perfect for you. It's just as reliable as any other Polaroid product. and really is a good value for the price.For younger kids that are just excited to have a camera it's great. They never notice that the pictures aren't that great they are just excited to take pictures of all their friends and family.For us it was well worth the price to make our kids smile this holiday season.


Lexington, NC


The izone is a disposable camera in disguise


The Polaroid Izone 300 was my first digital camera.  It offered 3.2 mega pixels, 3x zoom, and it had a 1.5 LCD display.  I bought the Sd memory card to go with it.  For the price it wasn't a bad deal.  With the memory card it holds a lot of pictures and I could record video. With the memory card it could hold up to eight hundred pictures.  It was easy to upload pictures to my computer and printer.  I could charge it on the included charging station or by hooking it into my computer.  It's small enough to carry in my purse or my pocket.  Well the problem started after I'd had it about a year.  On a full charge I could take two pictures using the flash and the battery would go dead.  I tried charging it all day and it didn't make any difference.  So I called Polaroid's assistance number.  The technician told me the battery had gone bad and that my one year warranty was expired.  The batteries in this camera are not changeable, and that bit of information was not listed anywhere on the packaging.  If I had wanted a disposable camera, i would have bought one.


Abbeville, LA


Great Camera - No Batteries - Good Pictures


This camera is a pretty good one. It is not one of the best ones. It has no picture stability at all , so if you barely move 3 seconds after the pic is taken, then it messes up the picture. If the battery's cells die  - you can not change out the battery. It is good for 10-11 year olds , but for securing memories, it is not good.


Selma, AL


Polaroid - iZone 300 Digital Camera

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