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Polaroid - i733 Digital Camera

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Dont buy this camera !!!


The polaroid i733 is the worst camera I have ever owned. I had the first one which only worked for maybe a month then a second one which didnt work for any longer than the first both with the same problem - the camera not turning on and staying on and the lense not closing. Also it ate up batteries like crazy. I would not reccomend this product to any one and would say overall it is a lemon. By the way this pink i733 is supposed to be going to a good cause - breast cancer and the product is very disappointing.


Sebring, FL


so simple even grandma can use


I have never been to up to date when it comes to taking pictures.  I would always take my camera on vacation, but then would never remember to take the film in for processing.  This was a task that lost me numerous pictures, that I'll never even know what they were.  I recently became a member of the 21st century, and purchased a digital camera.  I was scared and nervous that I would take these pictures, and they would forever remain inside my camera, as I was convinced that I would never be able to figure out how to get them out.  This Polaroid camera is so simple to use.  I read the manual, and within 2 hours not only new how to take my pictues, add flash when appropriate, date stamp them & hour stamp them as well.  But I also was savvy in how to get my pictures off the camera.  The manual, and quick easy set-up features, are a plus with this camera.  I have been snapping pictures, deleting them - just because I can.  Imagine that - me the most technological backward person is now a proud member of the century that I'm living in.  I am so happy!!!


Clinton, IA


Polaroid Camera... it was cheap and get what you paid for.


I bought this and it was cheap. I should of known. Not long after I got it, the batter compartment wouldn't stay close. I had to tape it to keep it shut. The pictures are ok.. not as good as I would hope and hard to fix. I like it and use it almost everyday, but wish I would of gotten something better. PLUS it eats batteries! Only reason I bought this, was because my other camera broke and I was desperate for a new one. When the time comes and I have to get another one, I for sure will NOT be getting another polariod. I do like that you can save pictures on there and I can make a start up picture. It's also fun to be able to pick out a fun frame and frame your pictures. Videos on it are ok. My son loves to try to take pics with it.


Ypsilanti, MI


Very Awesome for the price!


I bought this camera four years ago. It has been through many, and I mean many, abuses. I bought it when my son was 2 years old and he has chewed on it, dropped it, pressed all the buttons numerous times and I have also dropped it and scratched the screen up a bit. But after everything it's been through this is still an awesome camera. Other than the screen being a little scratched up this camera still works like the day I bought it. I have used it at all times of day and I do have to say this is more of a day camera than a night camera. I have never figured out how to take decent night time pictures. You have different selections and i have tried pretty much all and the night flash ends up with a blurry picture. Other than that the day time pictures and inside pictures are awesome. The colors show up very rich and bright and you can zoom 12x and the farthest zoom looks pretty good when you get it focused. All in all I would definately buy this camera for at home and family use.


Brazil, IN


The poloroid digital camera i733, the best thing ever.


I bought the Poloroid Digital Camera i733 in 07' and I love it. The Poloroid Digital Camera i733 is easy to use to start with. The software for the camera is easy to install and use as well as fast. The pictures taken with this Poloroid camera come out of very good quality. I would recommend it to any body. The camera is readsonably priced and is very good quality, plus I  love hot pink and that's what color mine is well uh was, it got stolen probably because it is just that good of a camera. Go buy this Camera and I promise yuou will nit be disappointed, not at all. Also it comes iwth everything you need: camera, software, cables/ubs cord/s, maybe even the memory card, I'm not sure oh and a handle and a clear cover, etc. Besides that The Poloroid also comes with a one year warranty. If I were looking for a new good Digital Camera I would definetly go and buy yet another Poloroid Digital Camera i733. Yes, do it.


Rio Linda, CA


What a great little camera


I was worried about buying this camera. It seemed maybe too inexpensive. But it really takes good pics. It's very easy to use and comes in several fun colors (I got the orange... go Giants!). It is way better than the last one (a Sony costing more than double this one).


San Francisco, CA


So many features and easy to use!


This camera is an aesome affordable digital camera. I love the many features and the sleeve that comes with it to protect it. Some of the great features are that you can set what type of pictures you are taking. As a mother of two toddlers it can be hard to catch a still moment but this camera has a kidd setting to catch all the action and no blur! It records with sound and takes amazing pictures. 


Granite City, IL


great for a digital


I got this camera as a camera to have with me for whatever may happen. whether it be friends being silly or wildlife crossing the road. I got this one also because it is significantly smaller than my big 35mm Canon, but still takes decent pictures. For the reason I have gotten it, it lives up to its job. I have actually used it to play around with some things, like pictures of my moms lily's in her garden on different settings (like black and white or the negative look). For someone who doesn't like digital, I do like this camera.


Raymond, NH


Awesome camera!


This Poloroid camera is really great, and goes for a really great price as well. The colors are very stylish and very unique. With insurance on the camera. I got this from walmart for a very great and reasonable price. It has many settings Black and white, Sepia, borders to add around photos, photoshop, rotation, date and time on pictures, flash, night vision, firework vision, moon vision!!!!! This awesome poloroid i733 Digital camera takes awesome pictures, and thay come out very, very clear as well. I t comes with a charger so you don't have to keep on buying batteries, which is a great thing because with my old camera that was only off of batteries cost me a lot of money every few weeks spent on batteries, but with the charger just plug it in to the wall and you don't even have to worry about buying batteries every few weeks. This camera is the best camera I ever had and trust me I wen threw many cameras in the past, but this one I already is going to last!


Palm Bay, FL


it quit out on me after 4 months and the insurance is horrible!


I recieved this camera (polaroid i733) as a christmas gift and all was well until 4 months later when it decided to stop working! The LCD screen was working fine but when I would attempt to take a picture it was digitally messed up and had all these red lines.  Also the insurance company is extremely hard to get a hold of and get to own up to their product.


San Ramon, CA


Polaroid - i733 Digital Camera

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