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Polaroid - i633 Digital Camera

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Polaroid 633i is good


When i bought my Digital Camera Polaroid 633i, i found it cute, it had nice color and it is very comfortable to hold. Handy and easy to use, even my children knows how to use it, there is no complications, easy to zoom it, easy to record videos, easy to take pictures and the definition of pictures taken are very neat, honestly i could to speak out about this camera and model to my friends, families, coworkers and everyone who one way or  other could be influence by the good reference i could give. I made a very good decision when i decided to buy my Polaroid 633i, i just can say in a very simple way that i am very satisfied and happy with my Polaroid 633i Digital Camera.  

Syracuse, NY


Polaroid i633 6MP is a great camera for the price


 I have had my Polaroid i633 6MP camera for almost a year. I love the bright pink color but the color is not for every one. It is small and fits great in my small hands. It does not have a big internal memory, like many cameras. Do make sure to buy a good size memory card. I love that the card and batteries both go in the same area, making it easier by just opening one part. Yes this does regular batteries so keep that in mind, some prefer that like me, for convenience. However I know some don't want such a thing. The basic commands are easily position and figured out and a quick scan of the manual tells you every thing else.It has many great features and is easy to use. Children I know use it with ease when I let them use it. I have no complaints about it and recommend it. However if you do have the money for a better camera, there are plenty to be had. For the price of this you can't go wrong and will not regret it.  

Genoa, IL


Polaroid cameras are good for people on a tight budget


I came across my digital camera a couple years ago. It was given to me as a christmas gift. My parents wanted to get me something nice for the holidays but they had been on a tight budget for a long time and couldn't afford to spend a major amount of money on any item. They bought me the Polaroid i633 6.0 Mega Pixels, 3x super zoom digital camera in black. It has lots of great features and I was thoroughly satisfied with it. It is the first digital camera I've ever owned or used and I have no desire to purchase another at this time. I use it almost on a daily basis and have done so since it given to me. It has held up nicely. Most of the time I use rechargeable batteries for it and they work well. I have different brands of batteries that I use and sometimes I just prefer to use regular batteries. As of late they hold up longer than the rechargeable ones. I have not had any problems or complications with my digital camera. I've used outside at different hours of the day and I have used it at night. I've had it outside in the rain and in the snow. In extreme heat and extreme cold and it is still working like brand new. I am most thoroughly satisfied with this product and would most definetly recommend it to anyone interested in purchasing a digital camera.

Kershaw, SC


Polaroid - i633 Digital Camera

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