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Polaroid - i533 Digital Camera

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I've had my Polaroid i533 digital camera for almost two years, and since I got it I almost never take pictures anymore. I'm so jealous of my friends who carry their digital cameras around with them and always have such great pictures to share! The Polaroid i533 is unreliable. Sometimes when you turn it on, you have to turn it on again several times because it arbitrarily powers itself down before you can take a picture (a problem not related to low batteries). Not cool. And sometimes when you turn it on, it comes on "blurry"--meaning the image you see through the viewfinder is totally smeary and unclear. Then if you actually take a picture while it's blurry, you get blurry pictures. You have to turn the camera off and on again a couple of times to get a clear screen. Very not cool--by the time you get your camera to work, your shot is gone. So my Polaroid i533 lives in the drawer and never comes out except right after an ice storm when I need to send pictures to my mom in Florida.  This one gets a thumbs-down.

Louisville, KY


Polaroid - i533 Digital Camera

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