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Polaroid - i1236 Digital Camera

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Wonderful camera, great quality.


I was given this camera as a present a year or 2 ago (bad estimate, I'm sorry). It's a great camera! I'm a very clumsy person, and I've beaten this camera up. Between dropping it on tile and accidentally hitting things with it, it's stayed remarkably in shape. There's nothing wrong with this camera. It's very durable and I haven't met a problem yet. It takes great pictures, of course. It may not be a "professional" camera, but this is a really nice camera to have with you. Not to mention its size. It's relatively small and definitely easy to carry around with you wherever you go. It's perfect for occasions and traveling or just normal day-to-day activies. I would highly reccomend this camera to everyone. The only slight problem is that it does take A LOT of batteries. A smart thing to do would be to buy rechargable batteries to use with this sucker. Other than that it's a great buy, I don't think I could've recieved a better gift.

Apple Valley, CA


Polaroid i1236 is packed with features and takes great pictures.


   This is a great camera loaded with useful features that WORK !  It takes a great picture in all types of lighting conditions. Different modes of operation allow the user to chose what works for him/her. I recommend this camera to anyone looking for a one that WORKS !!!!     Another plus is that it uses AA batteries you can get everywhere, and takes SD memory cards that seem to be the standard these days. Some cameras take special batteries you have to re-charge ( just when you need it ), and takes "their" memory cards.    As far as powering ON .... you must depress the power button for about 2 seconds, they do this to prevent accidental powering ON.     OFF is pretty much instant.     Well I'm done .... buy one, it works.    

Patuxent River, MD


Love this camera~ XD


I bought this camera about 3 months ago and last month i went on a long vacation and took about 2000 pictures with it and they turned out pretty good~ XD  It super easy to use and there are different modes that you can put it in. You can put it in 'text' mode and for close ups. I took a picture of some flowers that turned out great, with my old camera they usually turn out all blurry but with this one they turned our clear.  Another cool thing about it is that it can take pretty good pictures while driving, while my other camera made everything a bunch of colorful blobs.  The only problem i have with it, although it only happens every once in a while, is that i have to press the power button several times before it goes on. I don't know if that has something to do with the batteries or not... It wasn't a real pricey camera and im sure that there are  a lot of other cameras that you can get that will do more and take much better pictures, but for the money i think that this camera is well worth it ~ 

Edmonds, WA


Polaroid - i1236 Digital Camera

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