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Polaroid - TDX-030B 19 in. HDTV/DVD Combo

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Polaroid 19in w/ DVD


Horrible absolutely horrible! It turns off after 10 min. Called the consumer care center for help and since I can't find my receipt they won't help me. They did offer to sell me another TV........LOL! I bet we haven't watched the TV over 100 hours. It's in our exercise room. The manufacture date is Aug 2009! If you want to buy a piece of junk this is your TV!

Kent, WA


Using this Polaroid TV to type this review


Don't disregard this TV. This little unit is packed with Air/Cable TV, Video, HDMI & Computer (VGA) capabilities for a very affordable price. It comes with a stand, but I chose to mount on the wall. The access buttons and component features are conveniently located on the side. The silver remote, although a bit long, is very light, color coded and very user friendly to switch from one function to another. It has info guide, timer, fav channel button and freeze just to name a few. The picture quality is "good", not great. The sound quality is good,very good with speakers. I initially purchased this TV for my guest bedroom. However, I soon realized it was too small for guests to see from the bed. It's a small room with a small writing desk, so I re-arranged it so this TV became my main computer monitor. I couldn't be happier and I am using it now to type this review! I hooked my computer speakers to the TV for awesome sound. No glare using it as a monitor and the remote makes it easy to take a break from surfing and watch a little TV. I purchased a larger Polaroid for the guests.

Wimauma, FL


Polaroid - TDX-030B 19 in. HDTV/DVD Combo

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