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Polaroid - TDA-03211C Television

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Still holds up after a few years!


I bought this tv several years ago and a Black Friday sale and although I wasn't sure of the longevity of the product I thought I like the name brand, and at the time I was diggin' the price. It was my first flat screen TV after all! I bought it and I've used it in my daughters room the past few years and it holds up! The volume it emits is loud, the color and picture looks nice and I like the quality of the product. I would definitely recommend it to any one who is considering this. Don't be afraid of the fact it is not a well known TV manufacturer because I've had Polaroid TV's since 2005! This is not something I usually go out of my way to rate but again, because the brand has held up this well I am glad to speak proudly of it!


Arizona City, AZ


Best Purchase ever


We bought this tv in February 08. We have had no issues with it. It is great because I have a place above my mantel where you can sit it in and with the dvd it is so nice because you have so very little hardware. You can get a lemon in anything. If this tv quit right now I would replace it with one of the same and I would definitely say I have got my moneys worth in a short time. The picture and sound are great. We have a huge Sony tv in our family room and it takes 3 people to carry it. It is a great tv but it is so big. I would replace that tv with one just like this one. The price was really competitive for it to have a dvd player too. I can't say enough good things about it.


Mount Airy, NC


stay away from this television


I was looking for a good HD television. I wanted something reasonably priced and also good quality. When I got the television home and set it up, i noticed that the sound was not very good. After only about 6 months use the television got blue lines and we completely lost the picture. I was very disappointed. I will never by Polaroid again. I looked on line and found many other dissatisfied customers. The warranty had already run out.


Somerset, PA


One of the best!


This is one of the better TVs on the market.......we purchased one for the den and was quite pleased with the picture quality as well as the style and price. We are big TV people so we want something that is affordable, and has the features we are looking for. This TV is a great buy for the price!


Huntington, WV


Want a Refund???


If you want a refund on this product, I will save you some time. I have jumped through many hoops to get this phone number. 1-952-934-9918 ask for The Polaroid Consumer Resolution Team. Then ask for Brett. Brett is the actual guy that signs off on the refund. I hope this saves all of you some time. From reading these reviews I know there are people with the same frustrations I had.


Green Bay, WI




This TV was a spontaneous purchase for me and my girlfriend. We decided to go HD and what better place to do so than our friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart Supercenter. We eventually purchased the Polaroid TDA-03211C on September 9, 2007 as a seemingly good value buy and at least in name an American company, so much for economic patriotism. Out of the box the TV worked, looked, sounded, and once again, seemed great. It went kaput on October 17, 2007 and after 16 calls, 8 different customer service reps, 3 repair techs, and three wrong parts, I am officially going to warn every person that I can of this TV and the Polaroid Corporation. To state that I feel cheated, lied to, and downright robbed is an understatement. There is a known problem with what they call the control-box, which is the key component of the television. Customer service sent us a new one initially without even taking a look at the TV. I inferred that there is probably a known design flaw with this part if Polaroid automatically sends new ones without actually first trouble shooting. If the part is in backlog, which it was for me, it will take about 1 month for the part to arrive from China. You will have to wait for the "independent tech" to contact you to schedule an appointment for repair. Polaroid outsources the repair of their product. Polaroid does not want to give you a new TV nor does it want to refund your money. WARNING!!! Polaroid does not want to give you a new TV nor does it want to refund your money. It is their tactic to lie, give the customer the run around, and avoid resolution. Not a timely resolution, essentially no resolution whatsoever. I am now approaching the half-way point of the Polaroid 1 year warranty. This TV worked for 5 weeks and has become a 4 month headache. Do not purchase any Polaroid product. I personally believe that the restructuring after their bankruptcy has corrupted their capacity to manufacture quality products. Avoid this brand.


Round Rock, TX


Polaroid - TDA-03211C Television

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