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Polaroid - T737 Digital Camera Digital Camera

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nice camera with lots of features


  i just purchased this camera and already love it , it is easy to use and has lots of great features  i can edit them right on the camera. and it is pictbridge compatible so printing is a breeze i hope to take many great family photos with this in the upcoming hlidays

San Miguel, CA


Works well with perfect lighting and little to no movement.


The Polaroid t737 is a good simple digital camera. Though with all of the options available on the camera, it doesn't take low light or action shots well at all. I bought mine from Woot.com when my last camera died on me, and I don't regret the purchase, though I was hoping for something better. I've tried to use it for a couple of weddings, and the lower light of indoor traditional church lighting is not sufficient (though not horrible), the main issue with the wedding pics is the movement. We all know that wedding parties generally don't move too fast, and yet the camera still has some issue with blurring. And yes, I've put it on the different movement settings, including the overactive sports option. Still blurs the action pictures. The pictures that don't come out blurry are great. I recently went to Washington DC and was taking pictures of the National Cathedral. The lighting was great, and the building didn't move... we got some great pics of the outside. Once we got inside, the low lighting prevented any decent pictures. The flash is too powerful close up (washes everything out) and too weak for much further away (though what else can you expect from a built in on a point and shoot?). It also doesn't have great zoom, but then again, as I've said, how much can you really expect out of a camera that's not an SLR.

San Diego, CA


I love my Polaroid digital camera!


I have to tell you about my Polaroid m737t digital camera.  I love it!  It has a giant touch screen navigation panel on the back.  It supports 7 megapixels and takes beautiful pictures.  It has red eye reduction and a great digital zoom.  It is easy to understand and work with, so you don't have to be a tech guru to take gorgeous pictures.  It has many specific settings so you can customize to take specific types of pictures, even though you don't have to and can use the general setting if you'd like.  One of my favorite things about this camera is that it has a fireworks setting and on this last independence day, i took some ridiculously amazing pictures of my local fireworks.  They were bright and clear and very colorful.  I also take pictures of my children every day, and I couldn't ask for a better camera to work with.  I highly recommend Polaroid digital cameras.

Walkerton, IN


Polaroid - T737 Digital Camera Digital Camera

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