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Portable DVD Player
Polaroid DVD Player

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Great personal DVD player - but need earphones in the car


The Polaroid personal DVD player is a great portable player. The picture is very nice and had a good charge life. The only thing I would recommend is wearing ear phones in the car when viewing on this product as the volume is limited to how loud it gets. Perfect for kids.

Hewitt, TX


this is a fun dvd player


I live in Nyc where most transportation is public.  This portable dvd player by Panasonic is perfect for that.  Also you could play movies from your small dvd player onto your tv i,in case you do not have a home dvd player.  There is only one thing that is not that cool.  I have had dvd plyeres from vzon with a 3.5 inch screen and that dvd player also played music and mp3 files and came with a matching carrying case it was beautiful,but the battery did not last that long.  Now coby is making the vzon with built in sega games I hope that they fixed thier battery problem because I got 3 vzons and i had to send 3 of them back , it was weird because I have never had any problems with any coby product ever they have always been consistant and innovative.  Anyway this dvd player is silver and goes really unnoticed in public, so if you do alot of public activity or if you have alot of people around you ,  it is possible to fly under the radar with this dvd player.

Bronx, NY


Horrible customer service


We bought this DVD player last Christmas. The battery never held a good charge. We never got through an entire DVD without the battery dying. I owned the player for 13 months when I could not get the player to work. I ordered a new battery and it still didn't work. I contacted polaroid and they said my warrenty was up and to add insult to injury, I could not return the battery. I will never buy another polaroid product. The only plus was, the sound was fairly decent when it did work

Harrison, OH


Small and very convenience for personal use


Polaroid PDV-0701A 7" Portable DVD Player is a great personal use DVD Player.  It has switchable audio and video input/output perfect for use with gaming devices and camcorders. You can listen through onboard stereo speakers or headphones.  It also has electronic skip protection which ensures minimal viewing interruptions during portable use

Dekalb, IL


great price and size but does not last


This dvd player is small and compact for great positioning, it was priced so well i bought 3,HOWEVER, they are pratically disposable, yhey work great UNTIL they dont, they just stop working and on one of mine the remote will not control dvd player to skip rewind or pause, and if you do get it to pause, when u return, it will not start again and you have to start movie from the first.....very frustrating

Spring Hill, FL


Polaroid DVD Player

3.4 5