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Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle, 24 Oz

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A bottle that you'll love!


Overall, I really like this product. It keeps my drinks cold and at the same time holds a decent amount of liquid. It has a handle for easy travel. It has many designs that you can choose from, so style expression is possible! I would recommend this water bottle for anyone.



Works great!


BEing an avid cyclist, I use bottles with every ride and usually have several in the van, at the office and made in the refrigerator so I know bottles. As for this particular insulated bottle goes, it does work better than most. It has an inner core/liner that helps keep items cold in the summer and hot in the winter for all of us that brave the extreme weather conditions to exercise. It does keep ice more solid for a longer period of time especially if you freeze the bottle with liquid in it the night before. (Make sure you leave some space before the top and leave the nipple open for expansion) In the extreme heat of Texas, it is nice to have cold water at mile 325 of a long bicycle ride so I do prefer this bottle over others. The only issue that I have is the nipple. I prefer the turn openings of the Camelbak bottle since it won't drip if I forget to close it. I hate fluids on my cranks and rings! But, if you are looking for a good, all purpose bottle, give this one a shot. They are a bit pricey but worth it if you really use them. Sandy

Whitewright, TX


great bottle


This is a great water bottle for biking. I have used it for about a year untill I lost mine then I bought 2 more for my bike. It fits perfectly in the water bottle holder. Some people said it has a plastic smell to it, I put it though the dishwasher when i recived it and havnt had any scent issues. Its too big for the top rack of the dish washer. I have frozen the water in the bottle and that was a mistake it took about 4 hours to start melting and have usable water to drink. the manufacturer says so fill the bottle halfway then freeze it then when you leave put water in the rest of the bottle and then the ice will keep it cold and you will have cold water for a few hours. I put two bottle holders on my bike so that I could have one frozen bottle and the other halfway frozen and I have not had any problems . The 25 ounces is a great size and Like i said it fits will in bike holders and can be taken out easily on a rid without having to stop.

Moorhead, MN


Polar Bottle, insulated yes, but I've got issues with it.


I had the opportunity to purchase several Polar Bottles Insulated Sport Water Bottles at a clearance store (a buck a piece) and thought they'd make nice grab gifts for friends who exercise and take their bottles with them. The bottle is plastic and had two indents for fingers making it easier to hold in your hand.  The top is a twist off cap with the bottle opening about 2 inches across.  That make it so easy to refill or drain. On the top of the cap is a valve that you pull up to open and push down to close off.  The bottles I purchased have 2 layers of plastic, the outer is opaqueallowing you to see what appears to be a foil insulation layer.  The inside layer is white.  When you look inside the bottle, you see the 2 indents as well as numerous small dimples. It's these dimples that I have the biggest issue about this bottle with. I will fill my bottle with flavored drinks (ice tea, lemonade, oj, etc). Left the bottle at work over a long weekend and when I went to clean it, found black spots (mold?) in the dimples.  Have tried boiling water, baby bottle brushes and other implements to clear out some of the black spots, but the interior shape makes it difficult to attack each one. My other issue is with the cover, on the inside of the cap it has instruction on how to remove the valve, but I've not been able to. I like the concept, but design issues (in my mind) makes me give this only 2 stars.

Madison, SD


does a pretty good job


I own about six of these water bottles (in various colors and as back up for when one of my kids inevitably loses one!) and I feel that they are better than average, but not as awesome as the Bootle, which is no longer made because of the type of plastic it was made from.  These polar water bottles are safe to use and insulated.  If I fill them with ice and cold water, I still need to put them in a small cooler with ice if I want them to stay cold all day.  Without the cooler, I think they will only stay cold for about 4 hours if it is a hot day.  Which may be long enough for the average user.  My kids are picky -- they only want to drink ice cold water so it is more challenging for me to find a good insulated water bottle.  I see many other families using them too, though, so I assume that the Polar bottles are one of the more popular brands available.  I will continue buying these for our family too. 

Hillsborough, NC


Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle, 24 Oz

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