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Pocket Hose

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Perfect Space Saver


The Pocket Hose is a great and powerful hose, and perfect because it's such a great space-saving hose. It is use for gardening and watering grass. Makes a great tool to spray off the side walk, house or general cleaning, when you attach a good sprayer. Be careful as it can get holes in the hose, and can get holes in it much easier in it than other hoses to. So, one needs to be careful around sharp objects, and when weed-eating around it. The design makes it easy to get holes in it, and seems to rip easier from what I've seen from reviews, and from what type of materiel it's made from. It's now made three times stronger, but I still think it can ruin more easily than a regular hose. It can stretch from 25 feet to 50 feet, and you can find them at any local store around your area. You can get 25 feet, 50 feet, or even a larger one, like a hundred foot Pocket hose. I prefer a 50 feet for a big lawn, but if you have a larger property, you may need a hundred foot hose.




Pocket Hose

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