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Plymouth Rock Assurance

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Low Price, then Skyrockets!


Yikes. I would stay away from this company if you are looking for insurance for more than a year. I bought a brand news vehicle and got a decent quote. Much less than I way paying with an older vehicle at my prior company. I went with Plymouth Rock. When it came time for my insurance to kick in, I received no documents via mail or electronically. Instead, they auto enrolled me, began taking money out of my account without my knowledge, and almost tripled my rate. Mind you, I am younger, but I have a clean driving record, good credit, and have never had any issues with the law enforcement. I called customer service and they pretty much made me jump through hoops. I decided to let the Better Business Bureau handle this one. It was straightened out pretty quickly after they were involved. However, I got no explanation on my rate skyrocketing. The plans are decent, but after a year, they try to pull a fast one on you and I don't like that.



Courteous, Timely and Easy


I have had Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance for several years; this was the first time I had to make a claim. I was shook up after the accident, and from the moment I called I was treated with respect, allowed to be befuddled and upset- and patiently instructed in what I needed to do. They gave me extra time to look up reviews for the auto body shops they worked with before deciding where to tow it. I worked with two different claims reps after that (for two different claims), and both of them responded to me promptly, with all the necessary info, and above all, respected my preference to communicate through email. They arranged a shop that had a rental company on site, so I could have it towed and drive back home in a rental. The claims rep also explained to me why or why not I might want to file a police report, and gave me contact info for the other car's insurance to get some help paying for the rental.They had an agreement with the collision shop, and all payments- to the shop and the rental company- were handled promptly and did not delay me getting what I needed. All in all they made this as pleasant experience as they could under the circumstances! Customer Service See above. Available Plans I don't really have a rating on this as I did not review their options, simple signed up for something similar to what I'd had last.

Roslindale, MA


We changed to Plymouth Rock assurance, saved lots, & got more!


We just changed to them (special educators policy, but all of them seemed superior) because they would cover a car with a salvage title (after a photo review process), and saved about 30% over our old policy/company, and received many more benefits, some of which are included free! The company representatives were caring, knowledgeable, and efficient and gave very good advice explanations, and guidance with our choices. I was even able to cancel our AAA policy since the educator's policy came with free roadside service! All the policies include an extra $10,000 benefit for any accidents on any form of public transportation. I just switched both my home and car insurance to them, but have had no claims experience with them.

Riverside, NJ


Friendly, Dependable, Accessible and Cost Effective Service


The savings in automobile insurance premiums made available for me through Plymouth Rock Assurance have had me spellbound, dumbfounded, and nearly speechless. Reimbursements for towing expenses are made without hassle in mere days, within the week, merely by faxing an agent. Checks for claims from automobile accidents arrive within the month, minus the deductible. The company will fax needed documents direct to your fax line on the very day you request them, provides friendly local service with a smile, will send appraisers to your door within a week of your filing your claim, and provide extraordinarily cost effective rates.I cannot imagine dealing with any single other company for providing automobile insurance, and am pleased to say that this company has assured itself of a customer for life.

Agawam, MA


Plymouth Rock Assurance

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