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Pledge Grab-It Dry Cloths, Unscented

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Pledhe Grab-It Dry Cloths Work Great...


I am always looking for products that are quick and convenient ways to dust. Dust is always a major issue in my house, especially since several of my household member are allergic to dust mites. I try to keep everything dust free. These Pledge Dry Cloths are so convenient and easy to use. I am able to dust all of my electronics, furniture, table tops, and desk. These are great because you don't have to attach them to anything, I am able to just use my hand with them and wipe everything down. The dust really does cling to them and picks up almost all of the dust, if not all of the dust. I am pleased with the quality of them as well. They don't fall apart easily and I am able to dust with them multiple times before I have to dispose of them. I purchase them in packs of 16 and they last me quite a while. I definitely would recommend them to anyone who has a house or apartment with lots of things to dust. Performance These really do grab the dust and get everything nice and clean. Scent These are unscented.

Palm Bay, FL


Got Dirt? Grab-It with a Pledge Dry Dusting Cloth


I think that most people use these cloths with the Grab-It Sweeper or Swiffer, but they are also quite effective to use for hand dusting. The cloths are manufactured with an electrostatic charge, which attracts more dust and dirt. The web of quilted fibers traps the dirt so that I'm not spreading dust particles around as I work. Performance The Grab-It Cloths are dry and aren't treated with any spray or polish. I generally just use them dry, but I have occasionally spritzed a little Method spray before wiping down glass surfaces. They remove dust, dirt, hair, cobwebs, and lint from floors,ceiling fan blades, electronic equipment, and furniture. In my opinion, they hold up well and don't shred or lint easily. Scent The cloths are completely unscented, which I greatly appreciate.

Chicagoland, IL


Easy to use


I have tried Pledge Dust and Allergen unscented dry cloths and have to say I really found them superior to other products I have used.  I must admit that prior to this I would just give the furniture a quick swipe with a rag and occasionally use a dusting spray product.  This works much better.  Because I don't have to get the spray and worry about the overspray on cloth surfaces I much prefer this.  It is as easy as a rag but does a much better job.  The rag, I must admit, tended to just move the dust from one place to another.  This grab it wipe actually grabs and holds onto the dust.  I no longer feel as if I am just taking the dust off of the furniture and putting it on the floor to vacuum up.  One downside to this product is also a positive.  Each dust cloth gets thrown away when you are done dusting.  This means you have eliminated the dust and dirt but it also is one more thing getting added to our worlds garbage dilemma.

Fountain Inn, SC


Pledge Grab-It Dry Cloths, Unscented

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