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Pledge Furniture Cleaner & Polish with Orange Oil

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Great for cleaning my furniture and making it shine


I love this product for deep cleaning my wood furniture. It makes my furniture shine like brand new. I love using this on my kitchen cabinets as well. I can simply spray these on my cabinets and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth and they literally shine. It really works well to cut through the grease that can get on the cabinets and all of the fingerprints. I like the fact that it is in a spray bottle and you do not have to dilute the solution with water. It makes cleaning kitchen cabinets so much easier. This is a great product that I try to use at least once a month to clean my wood furniture. It keeps my furniture looking great. I will continue to use this product in the future for all of my wood furniture cleaning. Performance This is a great product that is very easy to use and does not require scrubbing at all, the cleaner does the trick. Scent The scent is light and fresh and leaves a great clean scent behind after using.



Pledge with Orange Oil feeds my wood while making it shine.


Pledge Furniture Cleaner & Polish with Orange Oil is not your Mother's Pledge! It is a different kind of wood cleaner and polish that actually feeds your wood while it cleans and polishes it. The result is a natural gleam that seems to come out of the wood. This Pledge formula is made with natural orange oil to cut through grease and grime AND... It revitalizes as it does so. If your wood is extremely dry you may need to leave it on a bit longer. The wood will soak up the Pledge and leave only a lasting shine. Pledge Furniture Cleaner & Polish with Orange Oil takes old, tired looking wood and gives it a lift. The shine lasts for days and the smell of oranges is wonderful. Performance Pledge Furniture Cleaner & Polish with Orange Oil is great for wooden furniture, cabinets or paneling that looks dull or dried out. Simply spray Pledge Furniture Cleaner & Polish with Orange Oil on the surface, allow it to sit for a few minutes and then wipe the excess away. It will give your wood a facelift. Word of Caution: This Pledge formula is made with Orange Oil- key word, "oil". You must wipe off the excess product or you will be left with a mess. Trust me.

Northern, FL


Love the smell of pledge furniture cleaner and polish with orang


This is the best cleaner on the market.  I use this once a month  on all my wood furniture and woodwork.  The smell is fantastic.  It does a great job on the furniture.  I think it helps to keep fingerprints at bay.  It has a very strong odor of orange that lasts for a day or two in the house which makes me feel like its an air freshener as well as a cleaner.  It also seems to rejuvenate the wood and conditions it when the product soaks in.  Another good point to it is the easy clean up if some accidently gets on the glass part or the table.  It comes right off with very little elbow grease.  This product is well worth the money.  I dont recommend going with a knock off brand.  Stick with the brand name on this one.  Its worth the extra cash.  I especially like doing my wood baseboards and woodwork with it beacause of the luster it leaves on the wood.  It almost makes small sratches and imperfections disappear.  This is the best product by far to use on wood.

Brookfield, IL


Pledge makes my woodwork and furniture look brand new!


When we purchased our home two years ago, I purchased a bottle of Pledge Furniture Cleaner and Polish with Orange Oil in attempt to make the old, original woodwork (our house is circa 1960's) look bright, shiny and new! I was very pleased with the sheen and gloss that all of the trim had once I finished applying the oil! I have also recently started using this oil on several furniture pieces that get dingy looking after a good cleaning, and I am always so pleased with how shiny, new and bright the furniture looks after applying. However, I think that this product is definitely not for those who hate cleaning as using it is a long process. First you have to apply the oil, wipe it around and then let it sit for a bit. Then you have to rub it in and wipe the excess off. I sometimes think that this product attracts a lot of dust, but even if it does, it's a great product that makes all of my furniture and woodowork in my house look brand new! Overall, this is a great product that I will recommend to anyone who asks!

Colesburg, IA


Pledge Furniture Cleaner & Polish with Orange Oil

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