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Playskool Wheels on the Bus Music Toy

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The splatting noise


I had this toy when I was really young. It was the most horrible yet entertaining thing we had ever come across. At first, it seems like an innocent child's toy, right? But then it starts playing the "Wheels on the Bus" song. I would love to meet and slap the person who had the audacity to write such a disgrace. My brother and I would be just sitting there as our younger sister played it over and over and over again. Lord knows how many times I had to sit through the line "round and round". The only truly entertaining part about it was when the song got to the line, "the door on the bus goes open and shut" and then the tiny plastic door would go open and shut. But when it shut, it made the most terrible splatting noise and the children would keep singing. Now, I had a terribly dark sense of humor as a 7 year old. I, unlike my brother, would always joke that the splatting noise would be one of the children being smashed by the door. It was amazing. I rate this product 10/10.

Austin TX

My girls love this toy


I am the mother of two daughters ages 2 years and 9 months and they love this toy very much.   The actually even fight over it at times because they love it so much.  We received this toy as a hand me down from cousins and couldn't be more thrilled with it.  They actually had another school bus toy but rarely ever played with it...but this one gets lots of use.  It is very brightly colored and the music is very cute.  There are four characters with it - the driver, a school boy, a school girl, and a dog.  They fit into the bus by matching their shape with the shaped slot in the bus.  My two year old can get them into the bus, but the 9 month old can not yet.  The bus has a movable door, lights, wheels, and windshield wipers.  The only thing that I would suggest to the company in making this product better would be to make more verses to the song - like it could sing the windows on the bus etc.  Overall we are very pleased with this toy. 

Powell, TN


My grandson still loves his Playskool bus!


We bought our grandson this toy for his first birthday and he still loves to play with it.  It is the Playskool Wheels on the Bus Music Toy.  The bus is brightly colored and has several characters riding in the bus.  The characters are removable and safe for a small child.  There are no small pieces on the characters.  They are molded one-piece objects.  The bus plays different verses of the song "The wheels on the bus go round and round".  The verses change depending on certain parts of the bus that are manipulated; i.e., wheels, door, lights, etc.  The bus top is made like a handle for easy carrying.  My grandson is now 2 years old and he still love playing with his bus.  He plays with the bus every time he comes to visit.  He's more into pushing it around now and making bus sounds, but he still likes to hear the tune. This is one of the best toys we have ever bought him.  It's a simple, durable and good toy for young kids.

Americus, GA


Playskool Wheels on the Bus Music Toy

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